Know how employers should help employees in the post-pandemic world

EducationKnow how employers should help employees in the post-pandemic world


There was a time when employees used to quit their jobs or fall physically too ill to continue with their work and yet employers have no awareness of the actual reasons for their good employees leaving them. Then came a time when employees started talking about their poor mental health due to constant pressure, hectic work life, and how their profession has made them sick. Yet, there was no action from employers to have a mental health support system. Then came the pandemic when employers realized the importance of a mental health support cell or expert counseling in their workplace. This made them address the stigma and also introduce measures so that their employees don’t leave them the mid-way.

How to support your employee who always complains of ill health

Several employers have started campaigns such as mental health days or weeks wherein employees can get counseling benefits and also connect with experts. The coronavirus pandemic affected employees to work in uncertain environments and also face anxiety. This has affected the productivity of several employees and also impacted their health negatively. Also, mental health problems and burnout has made employees more vulnerable to mental health issues.

How to support your employee who always complains of ill health

In the post-pandemic world, employees look for happiness and job satisfaction as they are keen on improving their life’s quality. The latest Indeed survey also talked about how 67% of the respondents said that the pandemic has increased their burnout. Thus, companies must ensure to put people first and build a healthy workplace where people usually most of their time in the day. Organizations must also adopt solutions and blueprints that are given to develop healthy workplaces by groups and associations.

Employers must ensure that their employees are psychologically safe at work. There are no gossips or office politics that employees are subjected to. Employers must find out those bullies in the company who create a negative impact on the minds of the employees. There should be a human-based approach while solving the problems of employees in the organization. Employees should also be encouraged to share the issues that they face while working with other co-workers or team members. There should be no partiality or biased treatment. 

Employers should feel like promoting trust among the employees and thus, they should be motivated to take new initiatives and projects. There should be good mentors and leaders who should extend their helping hand in terms of professional and personal crises of the employees. Employees should also feel easy to share their vulnerabilities when dealing with tough clients and stakeholders.

Employers should not criticize employees if they lack in meeting their weekly or quarterly targets. Instead, more training and development programs should be introduced to employees on a timely basis so that they can work well and also focus on upgrading their careers within the organization.

There should be a sense of well-being and loyalty towards the company by the top leaders and managers in the organization. If the employees find the managers to be quitting the organization quite often, then there will be a bad reputation set among the other employees, thus impacting the work culture.

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