How to write a Leave Application Letter to your boss?

This shows your professional approach because then your boss can plan for other things and give the tasks that you have been doing to someone else. 
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Writing a leave letter or application to your office HR manager or boss is a tedious process. If you are quite naive and a fresher and aren't yet used to writing an official mail, then this article will come in handy for you. The main intention behind writing a leave letter to your boss is to formally inform him or her that you would be absent from doing official work in the company. This shows your professional approach because then your boss can plan for other things and give the tasks that you have been doing to someone else. 

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While you are writing the leave application, make sure that you mention the reason for taking the leave at work. You need to mention the exact dates where you won't be reachable or unavailable for the office employees so that they won't disturb you during your leave period. Before writing the letter, you can even discuss with any of your team members or co-workers if they are available during your leave period so that they can act as a backup for you when you are absent from the workplace. 

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You can also discuss with your team leader or HR manager to know what sort of leaves are available to you in terms of sick leave, paid leave, unpaid leave, travel leaves, etc. so that you can mention the same in your mail as well. If your planned leave is more than 15 days or so, then make sure your official mail to your boss about the leaves is convincing for him to sanction. Because if you look from the boss's perspective, you will understand how difficult will it be for him to handle the work pressure all alone or with someone in your absence. Make sure to never write and send the leave application if your boss or HR manager is in a bad mood or negative environment at work.

You can consider first talking to your boss in person or through call and then pen down your leave application so that your boss willingly approves the leave application. The content of the leave application has to be in the formal language wherein you mainly define the dates you are on leave and the reason for taking the leave. Keep it short and simple. You can also add the required documents to support your leave application. Make sure the tone of your leave letter has to be as a request and not a command or order. Before you send the leave application through mail or in print format, make sure you review the same so that any corrections if any can be made beforehand.

Below is the sample for the leave application. You can edit as per your own requirement.




Date: ______




Subject: Application for leave (with dates)

Dear / Respected Sir (Insert the name of your boss)

I am writing this letter to notify you that I will not be available in the office for _______ days. I am traveling to my native town for my niece's marriage and being the eldest member of my family, it is my duty to be present at the function. I request you to kindly grant me leave for the said period.

Attached for your reference are my travel tickets and my niece's marriage invitation card.

Thanking you,

Your’s sincerely