How to tackle incompetent leadership in the workplace?

If you are at Rohan's place and are going through a workplace crisis with an incompetent leader, here are some ways to overcome the situation.
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"Sorry Priya, I am getting late to reach home because of this incompetent leader who has occupied the post of my boss recently", said Rohan to his wife. Priya was upset because it was their first marriage anniversary and she had invited all her family members back home for the celebration. Rohan reached home at 1 AM with all the guests who went by giving their gifts. Rohan found Priya asleep as she was tired of doing all the decorations for their favorite celebrations.

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Rohan has been reaching home back late not just that day but this trend continued for another 3 months, thus making Priya furious to walk out of her home and stay with her parents. Rohan decided to quit the workplace as he was not able to handle the work pressure anymore. When Rohan was asked the reason for his untimely resignation, he frankly said that his immediate boss is an incompetent leader who just doesn't know to get the work done on a timely basis, ruining everyone's lives.

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If you are at Rohan's place and are going through a workplace crisis with an incompetent leader, here are some ways to overcome the situation.

1) Talk with your co-workers:

It may not be just you who is finding problems working if your boss is not a good leader. There may be your co-workers or people in other teams too who might think that the new boss needs more skills and perspectives at work. So, get together and share your views. Your idea behind collecting like-minded people is not to bring down the new boss at work. It is to address the recurrent problems at work that are delaying your work targets and also creating toxicity in your work culture. 

2) Take the issue to your HR manager:

It may be so that your HR manager has been working in the company for many years and is quite aware of who needs what kind of talent or skill. However, in your new boss's case, something got messed up and you people are facing the brunt. So, instead of going together like a morcha or protesters, you can simply walk to your HR manager's cabin and discuss the problems well-written on a sheet of paper. This will help you to express your views without your HR manager feeling defensive about them. You can also mention the issues by giving the names of the people who have shared similar complaints at work due to the new boss.

3) If nothing seems working:

If you have expressed your work-related concerns to the HR manager or your main boss about the new boss or manager who is creating chaos in your workplace, and still there is no improvement, then it is time for you to take a stand. There is one thing you can do for your job security is to search for another job that gives you a good work-life balance. The other thing you can do is wait in the same company, and initiate changes in your work by suggesting new ideas of working to your main boss. If none of these are in favor of you, then obviously you have no choice but to quit like Rohan.