How to stay motivated during India's Unemployment Crisis?

Unemployed people easily get attracted to anti-social elements or go through severe depression or lead a poor man's life because of the crisis.
man in poverty
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There is news of unemployment, job cuts, job losses, and a slow hiring process in many places. Due to the extra borrowing burden and fewer profits or sales by companies, there is a dearth of employment opportunities in different places. Unemployed people easily get attracted to anti-social elements or go through severe depression or lead a poor man's life because of the crisis. The increasing population, absence of proper economic planning, caste system, and inadequate economic growth are some of the reasons for the unemployment crisis in India that has been doing the rounds for ages.

What is Job Performance?

Here are some ways you can stay encouraged in the unemployment crisis times:

1) Have a flexible mindset:

Many times we think that unemployment is going to be there for a long period of time. But that's not the case in today's temporary world. Jobs get created in a matter of seconds when the market conditions become fine. People start getting recruited with better packages and positions if they are talented, sincere, smart working, and willing to adapt. You should keep looking for better opportunities every now and then. This will help you to come out of the trauma that joblessness caused you. Even if jobs don't come your way or no good job clicks you, you can still keep networking and talking to the right kind of people so that you can get the right job in the long run.

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2) Read inspiring books:

Extreme negativity mode gets developed in our minds when we stay without any productive work at home. Probably that even affects our relationship with others because we see everything in a criticizing and comparing manner. It is better you keep your mind occupied by reading inspirational and motivational articles on the internet or reading some books based on the journeys of successful people. This habit will take you to a different level even while you are at home and doing nothing. It will give you the required encouragement to stay optimistic even when the HR recruiters are not responding to your calls and emails.

3) Reduce your time on social media:

News and social media are a few of the very delicate weapons that are causing a negative influence on the minds of people nowadays. Like if you see your friend who has completed his job successfully in a top company and compares it with your life, you will get feelings of depression. Same way, if you keep reading about how the economic growth of India has been hampered due to the pandemic and its related restrictions, the more you will get into a deep hole of impossible thinking. So, it is better you keep these tools only to check the updates and reduce your time scrolling on the internet.

Last but not the least, do something productive in your life even if you are unemployed. Like if your neighbor has a child, you can offer help to provide free tuition if you are feeling bored at home. You can even consider writing a blog or website wherein you share your ideas about how things can change for the better in your profession, in society, and in the world as a whole.