How to manage career setbacks

Career setbacks shouldn't be treated as a major shock but something that gives a person some sort of time break from their career.
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Career setbacks are quite common nowadays. In the rat race where there is stiff competition and unrealistic expectations set, one may face one or the other career failure even if they are at the top of the game. Career setbacks shouldn't be treated as a major shock but something that gives a person some sort of time break from their career. Yes, finances and reputation are affected but if you are a pro at it, you can deal with the same in a positive manner.

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1) Keep your cool:

Say you have resigned from your job or you are planning for a better career move, nothing in aggression works in real life. You need to really keep a calm and cool mindset while dealing with each and everything related to your career. For managing your finances till you get another job or till your business starts making revenue/profits, you need to have a backup plan. The plan has to be made with the support of other family members as you alone cannot take it all and do it all.

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2) Believe in yourself:

You need to have an unshakeable belief and confidence in yourself no matter what. Your business may really take up one year or two to give the expected results. Or your next job may not live up to your expectations in terms of salary, position, and even treatment given to you. But that shouldn't hamper your progress and a positive mindset. You need to keep convincing yourself that the transition is happening only for your greater good.

3) Maintain your connections:

If your friend or a colleague whom you have helped a lot in the past, is not returning your favor the way you expected him or her to, don't get agitated or lost hope. You need to have the knack to maintain your connections well. Unnecessary drama and extreme negativity aren't good to maintain a good social network. So, just take it easy and keep moving forward with a hopeful heart and futuristic eyes.

4) Read inspiring books:

Reading content that inspires and brings out the best in you will only help you to sail through the testing times. You may hear all negative things even while you are doing a lot of work at your home itself because MONEY has taken the place of SUPREME THING nowadays, so lack of sufficient funds for a decent living can make anyone say any damn thing to you. Listen and ignore as that will only help you to keep a big-time focus on your goals. You can read books written by and about successful people of how they saw the worst times in their life and yet moved ahead with a good mind.

5) Live minimalistically:

If you have debts or loans in your bank pending to be paid, then you shouldn't take many chances with your existing finances. You can learn how you can use the existing minimum resources so that you can have enough money to pay to the bank as well. Cutting down unnecessary expenses shouldn't put you in any type of guilt or regret.