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How to de-stress when you don’t get enough sales


Sales is a difficult career if you really get into the depth of it. For example, if you are really great at communication and convincing skills, then a sales career is really made for you. But if you are someone who really lacks the patience, commitment, understanding, and convincing power in your body language, voice, tone, and behavior, then you are going to literally struggle in your sales career. After all, no person will buy a product or service from a person who is not confident about themselves and about the work that they are doing.

Things you need to know about Careers in Sales

Customers these days are too smart and want to spend on stuff only if they have good quality, guarantee, and after-sales services. For example, if you are a medical insurance agent and have sold a policy to a person for a year. However, after one year, if the person doesn’t respond to your calls, SMS and emails, and even letters for renewal, then you need to understand that you have lost the customer. Now even if the customer responds to you saying that she or he doesn’t want further communication from the company for the renewal process, you need to understand the “why” of the failure of the policy. 

Things you need to know about a Career in Dubbing

The more you give after-sales services to your customers, the more they will remain loyal to your company. Otherwise, the customers these days have many options online and offline to get into other companies products and services, thus occurring losses to your company or sales. If you are really stressed out about how you will manage your career or job if your sales are dropping abruptly, then here is what you need to do.

1) Practice mindfulness:

You need to know first that you have to maintain a calm attitude. After all, the major responsibility of a company that is running and giving salaries to all the staff lies on you, because when you sell a product or service, that’s when the company makes profits or revenue. However, if you don’t perform well, then you are incurring losses to the company. The more you are in alignment with the facts about your sales career by practicing mindfulness techniques like reading, writing, meditating, doing yoga, exercising, exposing yourself to inspirational stuff, and being updated about the sales tips and tricks, the more you will come out of this low-sales trauma.

2) Just keep your focus on one thing at a time:

The reasons for low sales may be several and not just one. So, you need to fix one problem at one particular time and then see the difference over a period of time. Probably the market is really down and the customer preferences have changed a lot due to the pandemic-like situations. So, finding out the problems for dropping sales and working one problem at a time will give you the required clarity.

3) Don’t take anything personally:

Probably your customers are just tired of life and are not willing to spend anything additionally. Probably your customer profile is too weak to handle the additional costs that come with your product or service. Rejection by customers and even your boss shouldn’t be taken to your heart but it must be analyzed by your brain to work well in the future.

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