How to deal with marketing emailers?

Then you would have emails asking you to take a personal loan or car loan or join any educational course or a free webinar. 
mailbox getting mails
Image by Muhammad Ribkhan from Pixabay

Certainly, you are reading this article because your inbox is full of marketing emails and newsletters that spam your mailbox like anything. If you are a customer of a well-known private bank, then I am sure you would be getting at least a couple of emails from the bank at least once a week. Then you have notifications from your job portal applications and also updates about the social media platforms. Then you would have emails asking you to take a personal loan or car loan or join any educational course or a free webinar. 

What is Marketing Exchange?

These mailers may or may not come from the right source and thus, would end up in your spam box as well if your mailbox settings are secured. If not, then I am sure you would at least have 50 to 100 unread emails in your inbox just because you don't want to take the pains of going through each and every marketing emailer. You would be tired to the point that you may at times feel like deleting your email id only. However, that is not really possible if you want to keep communication open with your network, which can be friends, family, relatives, and even officials.

What is Social Media Traffic?

Nowadays, every bank or university asks for an email address and mobile number to be registered with them so that they can send timely updates. However, while we trust such institutions to give them our personal information, I don't know how there is a leak of our mobile numbers and email addresses to third parties that deal with marketing emailers. So, if you want to stop this trend of getting marketing emailers that are creating a troublesome digital life for you, here are some ways.

1) Unsubscribe from the emailers:

Below every marketing emailer, you would find an unsubscribe option that you can click on to get rid of further emails from that organization. You can also consider deleting those unwanted emails from your inbox so that you need not even keep a copy of the same. The more times, you delete without opening the emailers, you will be unsubscribed automatically over a period of time.

2) Don't put your email address open:

If you are using social media platforms or any websites where you are revealing your email address for public view, turn it to private mode. The more you reveal your email address to unwanted people, the more you are likely to get more spammy and marketing mailers. You can give your email address only to trusted parties with whom you want to stay in touch. Don't give it one and all so that your email id is protected.

3) Keep alternate email id:

If you are using one email id for personal and professional use and for all social media platforms, you will be flooded with a lot of emailers from all sides. It is better if you keep your email id for official use separate from your personal use so that you don't get many updates all in the same inbox.