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How parents can encourage educational learning among children


Parents are the ones who guide children to do the right thing at the right time. Due to the coronavirus lockdown for the last two years, the majority of the days, children are staying back at home and parents too are doing their office work from home itself. It has been this way that children don’t like to be controlled or dominated these days. Even if they are right or wrong, children are children and they don’t have the maturity to deal with their parents when it comes to making their choices. 

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Children don’t like studies and this happens naturally. Until and unless some children are really bright and are quite ambitious right from their childhood. You may find the majority of the children trying to do their homework out of some sort of fear either from their teachers or peer pressure or having strict parents. When children don’t perform well in academics and their hobbies as well, the responsibility comes to their parents because they are not interested or invested in their children emotionally and also do not give them proper time.

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So, when your child is asking you for the TV remote so that he can watch his favorite cartoon channel or OTT series, don’t scold him endlessly. Instead, make a conscious effort to make a deal with him wherein he would commit 1 hour of enjoyment in exchange for 3 to 4 hours of studies, either with the help of books or online learning or both. When the children understand the importance of such a deal, they will surely try to fulfill their promise because at the end of the day, every child likes to enjoy their time and your attractive deal of one hour of full enjoyment of doing whatever they want to watch on TV or go outside, will be sounding like a true bliss for them.

Perhaps nowadays seeing the kind of downfall in the educational system in the last two years, even many parents may have many doubts over the future of their children. But remember this, your child has to study whatever he is being offered at his school or college, irrespective of the quality of education because that’s his fate and no one can change it, and neither you can do anything about it. All you can do is probably get some authors’ good books related to the subject so that your child’s knowledge on the subject or topic improves and he is not just academically bright but also wise in terms of dealing with the world.

That responsibility is on you for how your child grows up despite the environment not conducive to more learning opportunities or restricted learning timeframe. You can create a completely different learning environment for your child by enrolling him in additional courses that are of his interest and also make him willing to learn more on the subject. At the end of the day, your child’s future will also define how your retirement years will be, so make conscious efforts in ensuring that in the future you both are good and secure.

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