How not to lose hope if you don't get Sarkari Naukri?

Emotionally, you will get respect from people around you who think that working in the government sector is like working for the betterment of the country.
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Sarkari Naukri or the Government job is one of the highest goals in a man's or a woman's life in India. After all, taking up a job as a government servant will give you many financial and emotional benefits. Financially, you will be secured and so will your family because you also have the possibility to get a pension as per your job grade when you retire. Emotionally, you will get respect from people around you who think that working in the government sector is like working for the betterment of the country.

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However, not all are meant to have the aptitude and ability to crack the government and bank service exams. Out of the lakhs and lakhs of students who appear for the entrance exams, only thousands get shortlisted and only hundreds of students get selected for the required job role. If you have been trying really hard to crack the toughest entrance exams and job interviews in the government sector, but are unable to get any favorable results then lose no hope. After trying for at least five to six exams if you are unable to get pass results, you can take up some other jobs in the private or startup sector.

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After all, everyone tries for a job to make a living. But looking for a lot of time the closed doors will actually stop you from exploring the opportunities that are already available in the doors that have been opened for you. See whatever we get in life has to be as per our capability and interest. If you have been unable to get a job in the government sector, you can try out other career options that suit your aptitude, ability, and interests and also help you to get a stable income.

Nowadays, banks and insurance companies are coming up with several plans like public provident funds, life insurance policies, health insurance policies, and post office schemes that can help you to save enough amount of money for your and your family's future once you retire from your job. It is a way of also designing your life in a way wherein you work, spend and also save for the future through the schemes that can give you a better rate of interest and returns on investments.

You can even consider becoming a teacher or a professional who coaches students to appear for government or bank exams as part-time work. Or you can think about creative ideas to stay self-employed by taking up a business that will give you good profits in the long run. Do not invest a major amount of money on anything if you come from a middle-class family where hopes are on you for their future. You can even take up some good courses related to your interests or academics and scale-up up your career with sheer determination, courage, and hopes to make it big in the competitive world. 

Last but not the least, never take up a job due to societal or family pressure because if you work even one day hating your job, you will end up doing badly in your career and thus, affecting your and your family's lives forever.