Is homepreneurship a sign of a better nation for women?

Homepreneurship is running a business from home while also taking care of household duties and responsibilities.

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Recent research done in January 2022 said that homepreneurship is a rising trend in the 21st century. Women staying back at home doesn't limit them to being called housewives or homemakers. They can also work as homepreneurs where they spend time on the internet, make some money and also save for their future. Homepreneurship is running a business from home while also taking care of household duties and responsibilities.

What is Research Methodology?

So, with the rising number of women willing to dedicate their time to their homes and be a part of the new workforce, can we say that India is becoming a better nation for women? From the times when women were forced to leave their jobs so that they can stay back at home to look after ailing in-laws or growing up children, to the times when women are trying to break all the myths about their careers to the pandemic times, women have seen a long way to attain their freedom.

Who is a first-generation entrepreneur?

Every woman craves an identity to be known, recognized, heard, and given a platform where she can express her abilities, artistic skills, and even learned knowledge. Now as digital technologies are improving and increasing their reach all over the country like India, can we say that there will be more women who would want to be known as homepreneurs running their successful businesses and also giving care and love to their families, for which they are "called to be born for".

Everything has good and bad signs, I mean every new development that comes our way has advantages and disadvantages. Anything done in extreme never has a long run. So, even if homepreneurship is taking a new turn after the Indian economy's gloom and doom due to the two years of the coronavirus pandemic restrictions, there has to be a balancing act wherein only the legit ones get promoted. 

As more home-based businesses are set up, the government should set up more authorized offices wherein such businesses can get registered and run a legal business rather than getting associated with hire and fire policy short-term businesses. Some businesses should be ranked well so that only those who follow all the guidelines set by the government or higher officials come in handy for women homepreneurs who are looking for part-time, freelance, or full-time remote working projects.

There are many online scams that actually make this whole idea of homepreneurship a waste. So, why shouldn't there be more research and ideation done at the ground level so that homepreneurs don't fall into any scam or spammy work processes and make a decent living from their homes? There can be red alert signs if there is any website or person who is asking for money in advance and that too in bulk just to attract more homepreneurs. 

We shouldn't take homepreneurship for granted even at the personal level wherein women are forced to work at home for longer hours and are also expected to make huge profits from their home-based businesses just because it cuts down the travel time. A better country can happen only if women feel protected and safe.