GenZ’s are probably the most burnt out and likeliest to resign says Slack Study

EducationGenZ’s are probably the most burnt out and likeliest to resign says...


According to a recent study done by Slack, the youngest people in the corporate world seem to be the most burnt out and are at a higher risk of quitting their job.

Burnout is relatively higher in people from 18-25 years of age in India and they seem to be at the highest risk of resigning from jobs due to multiple reasons. The study subject was ‘Leadership and the War for Talent’ and the survey was conducted among 2,000 Indian workers.

Basis the findings of the research, good 58% of the GenZ are already burnt out. The percentage drops further to 49% and then 36% for age group 42-57 years and 58-75 years, respectively.

The research displays that more than half of the Indian workforce surveyed is tired of their jobs and 65% are considering moving jobs in 2023.

Among all categories, Retail employees are the most burnt out with 59% and are at the highest risk of quitting 69%. IT and Communications have the lowest burnout rate among knowledge workers at 51%, but they are equally at risk of quitting.

Post the pandemic hit the globe, the last two years has changed the workplace scenario in many aspects and an organisation’s ability to remain productive and attract and retain talent.

Organisations are looking for ways to minimise exposure to some of the more disruptive trends that have come off the upheaval of the last couple of years – such as employees quiet quitting or even being impacted by the broader ‘Great Resignation’. Leaders must be finely attuned to their soft skills, which this study has revealed are now valued as highly by employees as salary, and how those skills are showing up in the organisation’s approach to flexibility, stability, wellbeing and culture.

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