Find a job that matches your skillset

It is truly right as per his view because people nowadays look to become leaders or managers or heads of organizations.
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Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

Elon Musk, the business magnate and investor who is currently making news has rightly said in one of his interviews that people should find a job that matches their skill set rather than complicating things to become a leader. It is truly right as per his view because people nowadays look to become leaders or managers or heads of organizations. But no one really wants to understand how their skills if developed in the right manner can take them to new heights that are not yet defined.

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If you have a job then you should think of ways you can learn from your job and excel at it. It is very simple as it sounds. Your focus and commitment to your job will help you learn better new skills. It will make you more interested in your profession and you will find out new ways of doing the job well. For example, if you are a marketing executive by profession, learn from your job and your industry how you can be better in your job.

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You can enroll in a new course on marketing and also learn if your job's role is restricted to only a few skills and abilities. If your manager doesn't want you on board for a new project but you are still willing to develop that skill, you can even look for gig projects outside your job with non-competing organizations. This will help you grow in your profession and also help you develop a sense of purpose and improved self-esteem. You will become a leader in your real life if not having a leadership position in your organization.

You will feel accountable for your work and also improve on the skills that you think are relevant in the industry even today. There are some soft skills and values that takes employees' life to another level. They are honesty, transparency, commitment, devotion, dedication, and also responsibility for the work. Your work ethic will make you a thorough professional who will be much recognized and in demand in the industry.

All of these are possible only if you show interest in the job at hand. Changing jobs in recent times is quite a norm for higher packages and better positions. But staying true to your company and helping the company evolve with yourself is one of the rare things that you will do in modern times. How about sticking to one job for more than five or ten years and seeing your life's progress if you have been touted as a job-hopper? 

How about willingly taking the pay cut and telling your company that you are okay to stay back even if there are losses? How about showing your true wisdom by suggesting some recommendations to your HR manager and boss about your job profile of how costs can be reduced and more work can be done effectively? All these are true qualities of a professional that can create a change in the work atmosphere you are into.