Education doesn't guarantee jobs ALWAYS

But when things fall flat, it has been really saddening and difficult to manage not just the emotional parents but also their depressed children.
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It is a fact that I want to discuss with you for a long time. I have seen parents in my family and friends circle who go to extreme lengths to ensure that their child studies XYZ course from a top university thinking that the program will help the child get a hefty package and top position job. But when things fall flat, it has been really saddening and difficult to manage not just the emotional parents but also their depressed children.

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When I hear news nowadays about jobs being cut and even employees of top positions being asked to leave or resign by their companies due to cost-cutting and recuperating of losses procedure, I really feel frightened. I have a couple of friends in my social circle who used to draw huge salaries and name a degree and it will be on their resume. But when the market and economy got down, I have seen them struggling so hard to even get a call from a well-established firm.

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So, please don't be under the impression that education alone can help your child to get a job or make a living. Along with education, parents should also invest in the training of soft skills, life lessons, and values among their children so that in such testing times, they don't stumble and go into depression. When times become tough, it has to be the parents who need to be brave and put up a strong front in front of their children to set the right example.

But considering nowadays majority of the children aiming to get into CBSE or ICSE board schools just so that they can study abroad or get into a better degree college in India itself, I wonder if parents are making their children aware of the reality that is happening in the post-pandemic times. As a parent, it is definitely your duty to give your child the best of everything. But don't give them false hopes when things don't go right. 

If you have been jobless as a parent for a couple of years, giving your children hope that they will study at a top-ranked university, in the long run, is a distant dream. You can simply make them aware of different ways of learning and pursuing their hobbies and ambitions instead of buying the idea of an education loan especially when your financial security is at risk.

And I would also like to advise that don't put the pressure on your children that once they grow up, they will look after you (as in your living and health expenses) just because you are sacrificing now and doing the best you can. At times, some children don't turn out to be loyal to their parents due to their own dire situations and not all children have the mental and physical capacity to look after their family members as you in your generation did. So, wake up, get a reality check, and help your children know what they are signing up for and how happiness and peace should be a priority in your and your children's lives over top degrees and certificates that may or may not convert into well-paying jobs in the future.