Don't define your career based on success stories

Take, for example, the life of Mukesh Ambani who is one of the richest Asians.
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Image by mostafa meraji from Pixabay

Success stories are what people achieve in life that make them real heroes. Many times as youngsters or middle-aged people, we take inspiration from the people who are really damn successful in their lives. Be it any front, personal or professional or health or spiritual, they are just ahead of everyone. Take, for example, the life of Mukesh Ambani who is one of the richest Asians. His life is full of amazing things inside and outside. Be it having a huge family in his own building or having many amazing companies that are giving him huge profits or venturing into new territories by launching new businesses, he is just nailing at everything.

What is really the key to success in education?

If you aim to become like Mukesh Ambani, you cannot really reach there even if you decide to sleep less or only focus on working at your job at hand. In order to become a billionaire like him, you cannot really draw a career path as well because that will be too pricey for you. But instead of reading only his success story or for that matter, any successful person's story, how about reading stories where people failed miserably in their lives but are still trying to make it possible with whatever means they have.

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Reading failure stories will actually understand the true reality of life. Wherein people struggled so much in their lives have reached a decent living level, is what true inspiring stories are all about. I still remember how my grandmother always used to say that they used to eat only one full meal and sleep at night with just water and some old meals stored in their homes. There was no technology in those days and to achieve anything, they had to use their self and do stuff.

When she sees today's generation how waste food like there is no one watching and how resources are being exploited because there is excess everywhere, she gets disappointed like anything. I find her story from being a poor person to living now in a middle-class family as a success story. Because she always narrates the importance of even having a one rupee coin saved in a hundi so that can be distributed to the needy or donated in temples when we visit. 

Although the value of the rupee is decreasing drastically not just in economic terms but also in the minds of people, we need to understand that career success is not just restricted to the accumulation of wealth. Career success has to be the satisfaction that you get when you do your work for the day, each day, every month, and every year. When you get the paycheck, you really look back at what you did for the month and smile at yourself saying that you have given your best and are looking for more opportunities in your life to explore your hidden talents and strengths. When that milestone of satisfaction in your job or career is achieved, that is when you have written your success story - from a no-man to becoming someone in life.