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Does your profession inspire you with faith and hope?

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When you wake up early in the morning to get ready and leave for the office, do you feel energetic or do you feel bored? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you get an official call while you are watching a favorite movie on a Sunday afternoon? Is it like why the hell are you called or what is the important concern that you are being phoned? When you talk to your friends about your profession, do you get only negative thoughts of office politics, people not giving you a chance to succeed, or is it about how your time flies when you are working in your job?

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Whatever are your responses, read on to know further if you are working in the profession that is your true calling or if is it just a medium through which you can make a decent living. A profession or career is something where you spend the maximum of your time in your life. Even you may not spend as much time with your family members or friends or yourself as you spend your time while working. Well, a profession doesn’t start only when you get the first paycheck but it starts right from when you get admitted to a school or kindergarten.

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A career is not something that happens to you but it is something that you make happen with your efforts day in and day out. You live with your profession subconsciously and even when you are not working, your brain and mind keep the information saved for what you have to do when you open your laptop or reach your office. That’s why when it comes to your profession, do you get positive thoughts or negative thoughts? This is something you need to keep checking once every six months because then only you will live a good life.

Faith and hope are the most important values to lead one’s life. For example, when you are asleep at night, you never know that you are going to get up in the morning the next day but still you relax and go to sleep. When the morning happens, you get up and have a smile thanking God that you got another opportunity to prove yourself to yourself and the world. So, do you get similar feelings about your job? When you go to the office and you see sad faces around you due to the recent hiring and firing policy adopted by various companies, do you still have faithful and hope that you will not be fired sooner or later?

This question’s answer is something you need to have clarity on then only you can be loyal to your organization and give your best in the profession. Now the next thing you need to be clear of is whether you will still be doing your job even if your organization doesn’t need you. For example, if you are a teacher and your college doesn’t want you as a professor, would you still love to impart knowledge to students while working on your own or with another company? If the answers about faith and hope are yes, then you are really working in a profession that inspires you the most. If your answers are no, then you need to contemplate what you are doing and bring about a change in your career.



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