What is Content Writing? Know from a non-SEO perspective

EducationWhat is Content Writing? Know from a non-SEO perspective


I was called upon by a senior writer the other day who explained to me why my article needs to have the relevant keywords in each paragraph. I probed further to understand why the keyword placement is required and also the length of the article has to be up to 1,500 words? He told me that it is the demand of the client and they have been following the same format for all the writers.

Bengali cartoonist, writer and illustrator Narayan Debnath no more

When I started writing, I got into a fix. Confused about whether I should be writing for SEO or for the readers who want to know what I am talking about. Staring at the laptop for more than an hour, I couldn’t even type a single sentence. I literally gave up by the evening and called the senior writer that this project is not for me and that they can get someone else who will abide by the rules mentioned in the client’s document. As a response, I was told to give it a try again but my heart didn’t listen and I said a complete NO in the response even though the project would have paid the bills for my entire month.

Google misuses attorney-client privilege to hide documents: US Justice Dept

I like writing. I must say that I started writing when I first started reading on the internet. Orkut was the first social network that I got introduced to during my teenage. I used to type and chat with unknown people for hours to understand their life perspectives and also gain knowledge about things that work at the different ends of the world. Slowly, I was introduced to an educational website that needed people to write and solve the queries of students. 

I kept my writing simple wherein my intention was not to stuff the keywords (because I hardly knew what it was) but to solve their queries and give them the answers upfront without keeping them waiting till the end of the article. I really did not know then how to rank my blogs or articles on the search engine but fortunately, due to my genuine efforts of writing in the simple and original language without mixing hi-fi English and keywords, they got ranked, and also the website owner earned good revenue through the articles.

The transparency to know how much my blogs or articles earned over a period of time helped me understand that the actual algorithm that Google really adores or works is to solve users’ queries and give them content that is user-friendly. The links that get added over a period of time in the articles are to only help the readers get additional information related to the topics. But it is not meant to make the users run away from the blogs or websites just because the website wants to monetize each and every click.

See this perspective is from a non-SEO background wherein content writing is considered to be an aspect where the writer writes what his brain and heart want to type and publish on the website. The more unique and original your articles are because it directly comes from your personal understanding and perspective, the easier your articles will get ranked automatically and organically, thus making your website get the needed revenue and profits.

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