What is Underperformance?

Underperformance is a term that is used when an employee or student regularly performs below the set expectations.
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Underperformance is a term that is used when an employee or student regularly performs below the set expectations. For example, if a student is supposed to score 70 - 80% of marks in a particular exam and has prepared that well but still if he brings results of 40-50% then he is said to be underperforming despite being given the backing and preparation time, efforts and material. Same way, another example is an employee who has been given enough time and training to perform his or her work. But he regularly delays the work, doesn't deliver the work on time, and even delivers the poor quality of work. That's when they are called underperforming employees.

What is Employee / Performance Appraisal?

Underperformance usually stems from low self-esteem and lack of training and interest related to academics or the given work. It is not that underperformance cannot be reversed or changed because many underperforming students or employees when intervened and trained well turn out to be productive and high-performing people. It is just that underperformance is usually taken as laziness by the majority of the people which makes them lose the chance.

How to achieve your work targets on a timely basis

Underperformance is also caused due to stressful and negative environmental pressure. For example, if the parents of a child don't understand him and his abilities and keep on taunting him for getting more marks, there are higher chances that the child will perform really badly. Putting high expectations on anyone without giving them that proper environment will never help them to work well. Thus, be it, employees or children, they have to be felt valued and cared for by their owners.

You should also remove all the negative blocks that are hampering the progress of the employees or the students. If there are children fighting in the class or teachers not teaching well or making the concepts clear to them, then there are more chances of children not studying well. Also, office politics and gossip, having a dominating boss or manager who gives unpleasant life experiences can also form some of the reasons why employees underperform at their workplace.

So, how you can spot the signs of underperformance at work or in your studies? If your child is being absent or missing school quite often, if he feels less motivated to take his books and study, if his stress levels are higher than normal, if he tells you that he prefers to stay back at home rather than attending the school or tuitions, then you can easily understand that something has disturbed your child's minds that you need to fix as soon as possible.

Counseling is one of the best ways for children and even employees to get back on track and feel the motivation to give their best to the workplace or academics. It is just the motivational factors that should be related to them at both personal and professional levels. For example, if you motivate your child that he will be having a better career and live a better life if he studies well along with giving him personal benefits of enjoying a weekend at his favorite place, he will feel encouraged and perform well consistently.