What is Transparency?

Transparency, as represented in the picture, is about being open and honest with the other party.
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Transparency, as represented in the picture, is about being open and honest with the other party. For example, if you work as an employee in a company and have been given the task of managing the finances, you are transparent with your manager and the boss about the financial transactions that are happening in the company. You don't have anything to hide or not disclose to your higher authorities and thus, you are praised for your transparency at work. 

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Same way, if you are made in charge of a school and have students who perform very badly due to their lack of focus and learning of the subject. You go straight to the principal and share your concerns about the students' poor performance rather than hide their progress. This helps the principal to think about ideas to improve the performance of the students and he also appreciates your frankness and boldness to state things as they are, without adding any filters.

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Many celebrities are appreciated by the media and the audience for their transparency in terms of signing movies, getting romantically involved with their partners, and even filing their ITR returns on time. Some superstars also come out in the media for calling a spade a spade only and do not add filters while they are addressing the media about casting couch or things that are happening in the film industry on body looks and copy-cat stories.

Transparency can thus be said quality of a person who is upfront, honest, straightforward, open, and frank in his approach. Many couples appreciate each other's transparent nature and deal with finances, personal life, and professional duties when they are dating each other. This helps the couples to understand each other's life goals well and also makes them more attracted to each other.

Transparency also comes in the relationship between siblings, parents and children, and many others. For example, if a child has scored very bad marks in his school, he doesn't fake his report cards and instead shares his marks as it is with his parents despite getting scolded. This helps the parents understand what kind of further tutoring is required for their children and how they can go ahead with the school performance.

Transparency is much needed in any system nowadays to avoid corruption and the promotion of people who don't deserve the seat. For example, when it comes to the political system of India, there are a lot of loopholes that are taken for granted by the people in the country. This gives the opportunity for the politicians to take advantage of the loopholes and get more votes and thus, enjoy their political career without doing much for the betterment of the country.

Thus, the political system needs to have a transparent procedure and each and every scheme announced by the government should reach out to the common people in the right manner. This can help the country overcome poverty and help each person live a good life. Transparency is thus, required for the country's upliftment and growth.