What is Thought Design?

Many times you might have noticed people telling you that they don't find anything good happening in society in general and in specific as well.
woman sitting and thinking something
Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

Thought is such a huge thing if you notice its power. You may be thinking that thinking is just a brain's work and why to ponder over what we think. But what you think or your thoughts in general about life can make you decide whether your future course of action is going to be constructive or destructive. Many times you might have noticed people telling you that they don't find anything good happening in society in general and in specific as well. If you meet such people even after some months or years, they would repeat the same thing over and again, that's because their thought process has been limited and made them think that life is an extreme journey, where everything is black or white.

Thought process of today’s youth bigger, bolder: Piyush Goyal

So, if you really want good things to enter your life, you need to have control over your thoughts. For example, if your child keeps thinking that he will fail the exams, he will literally fail the exams because his thoughts have been based on fear and uncertain thinking. However, if your child keeps thinking that no matter what the situation, he will pass the exams and put all his efforts into accomplishing good marks, he will surely pass. That much is the power of thinking.

What is a Peaceful Society?

Thought Design is an important thing nowadays. If you design your thoughts in a constructive and creative manner, you will be able to come out of every situation you are put into. If you think that even small wins on your way have a huge potential to make it big, then it will become a reality. However, if you criticize the small wins and neglect the same, you will never find the day of your dream coming true. 

That's why your thought design process needs to include affirmations, saying more yes to good things, and positive thoughts. So no to negative and extreme thinking. Say yes to possibilities and achievements, and say no to thoughts about past failures and hurts. Gift grace to yourself, and expose yourself to as much creativity and positivity in your life. You can find these things in books, in certain professions, and in specific areas of your life.

You can use your thought design to create something creative in your life. You can utilize the skills that you learn when your creative thoughts tell you to join a hobby club or enroll in an out-of-the-box program like dubbing, designing, etc. which is just not related to your profession. When you come out of your own comfort zone, that is when you will realize the true potential and possibilities of your life. You will understand that life is not a destination but a journey that you need to walk slowly and confidently to create your own path to success through your thought design.

Whenever you are told that you lack something or you cannot do something in your life, then ask questions about such suppressing thoughts. You will find that cultivating your strengths and sharing your knowledge will help you become a part of the creative change in life.