What is the Fear of Losing someone?

Thanatophobia is the term that is described as having the fear of losing someone one loves.
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Fear of losing someone you love is one of the common fears that are leading to breakups and separation these days. Fear of losing a loved one can also be in the form of parents, siblings, friends, and dear relatives. However, this psychological fear makes one too anxious about their lives and also puts them and their loved ones into major trouble if not taken care of in a timely manner. Thanatophobia is the term that is described as having the fear of losing someone one loves.

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Physical and emotional dependency is one of the major reasons why people fear losing someone they love. Although it is a natural feeling of a human being to get into doubts or worries or fears when such things take an extreme turn that's when everything goes haywire. If you have the phobia of losing someone you love due to death or separation then question the root cause of having such fears. You need to ask you ask yourself why you get such thoughts regularly and also prepare your mind to accept the reality that human beings are mortal.

Tips for couples going through emotional separation

If you have the fear of losing someone you love to an extreme level, then remember this can be treated with the help of a professional. The treatment starts with talking about the phobias and anxieties you have and how you can overcome them naturally by challenging and shifting your negative thoughts into something meaningful and crucial in your life.

Aged parents always have the fear of losing their sons when he gets married in traditional Indian society. This is because when a son is born, the parents prepare themselves mentally that he will look after them during their old age and will never leave them anyhow. But in Ramayana also, you might have seen how a royal king like Dasharatha always lived in the fear of losing his favorite son Ram and when he had to ask him to leave Ayodhya for 14-year vanvas, his heart almost broke up. In the sadness that he has to live separately from his Ram, Dasharatha passed away.

That's the kind of culture that Indians belong to wherein living with their sons in their old age is the only motto of their aged or elderly parents. However, due to the current scenario in which sons get jobs in foreign countries or different states, this becomes practically less possible. Also, nowadays in-laws' outdated thinking makes it very difficult for daughters-in-law to adjust to the household thus breaking the family knowingly or unknowingly. 

Thus, if you really want to notice the fear of losing someone you love, you can check that in your family or neighbor's family itself wherein parents while they are getting old always dream of worst-case scenarios of how they will be abandoned by their children during their difficult phase. This mental illness can be avoided by helping aging parents to practice mindfulness and also focusing on the love and care that they shared with their children rather than believing in the news that talks about only negative news of mishappenings in the world.