What is Temptation Bundling?

The more attractive and temptation-building the activities are kept, the more easily you will be able to form healthy new habits.
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Temptation bundling means a person joins two activities - one that he enjoys doing and the second one that he doesn't like to do or wants to stay away from. The intention behind the pairing of such two different activities between likes and dislikes is so that one can reduce their resistance towards the activity that they don't want to do over a period of time.

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The more attractive and temptation-building the activities are kept, the more easily you will be able to form healthy new habits. For example, if you don't like to exercise, how about rewarding yourself to do exercise with the habit of watching a movie or listening to favorite songs? You can get into the new habit of exercising if you pair it with an old habit of doing something that you love to do the most. This is known as temptation bundling.

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Another example can be creating a relationship between your craving and desire to work on something that you don't like. If you like to visit a friend's place then you can consider giving up your one bad habit of eating a lot of sugar. So, whenever you crave sugar, you can consider meeting this favorite friend of yours or getting into a phone call or video call so that you can reduce that old habit of bingeing on sugar.

Temptation bundling can also be called to promote willpower in a person. 

You can build temptation bundling by creating a simple exercise. You can create two columns: in the first column, you write down the pleasures that you enjoy the most and the temptations that you would enjoy the most. In the second column, write down the list of tasks and manners you should be doing but regularly delay the stuff. 

You can take your own time and write down the lists of as many habits and behaviors as you want to change in your life. Then you can connect the two columns where the cravings would make you get into the habit instantly and help you bring the changes in the behaviors.

Some examples that you can write down as include: Only listen to Arijit Singh's songs while you exercise or do yoga. Only get a makeover or visit a spa while you are checking out the unseen work-related emails. Only watch your favorite movie when you are cutting vegetables or doing any household chores. Only eat at your favorite hotel or Dhaba when you are calculating the monthly budget.

You can create a set of rules with habit stacking. The temptation bundling + habit stacking formula is:

1) After I do the current habit, I will do this habit that is required of me to do.

2) After I did the habit that is necessary for me to improve my life, I will get the habit that I love the most.

This is how I used temptation bundling for overcoming my habit issues. If I get to see Facebook once every hour, I will get up from my chair and walk around. If I get to watch a movie every weekend, I will talk to my tough relatives in an understanding tone.