What is Team Huddle?

Team Huddle is used by several organizations to encourage their employees and even share changed information at the workplace. 
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Team Huddle is a meeting that happens within a team on an instant or quick call or Zoom video or WhatsApp call so that the team is updated about what is next to be done in the week or the month. Team Huddle is used by several organizations to encourage their employees and even share changed information at the workplace. 

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Team huddles are usually short or brief meetings that can last between 5 minutes to 30 minutes between the boss and the employees or the team leader and the team members. Team huddles are frequent meetings that happen at the workplace to provide words of motivation to their employees or align new tasks to the existing team members. Huddles are also used by the teams to create strategies and action points to complete at the workplace. 

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Team huddles are also used by the manager to brainstorm ideas, address the issues at work, and even assess the current progress of the team. For example, a company may use a team huddle every Monday for 10 minutes on a Zoom call to know how each of the team members prepared to complete the week's targets or goals. Team huddles are short and more focused on results. 

After the team huddles are done on the call or in person, then the information discussed in the team huddle is shared with the team members via mail as well. This is to ensure that no one misses out on the discussion highlights and does their work smoothly without any confusion. 

Other types of team huddles include management huddles, motivation huddles, company huddles, department huddles, and remote huddles. The huddle meetings are regular conversations in which the team members address the important factors and improvement areas. Huddle meetings can happen on a daily or weekly basis. It is to make sure that there is employee engagement and interaction to drive the company towards targets and goals' completion.

For example, the Chief Editor of a media company may call a team huddle on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday of every week to know the team's progress. Also, if any of the team members are absent, a backup plan is introduced during the team huddle, which is only for 10 minutes on a WhatsApp call. After the team huddles are done, the Chief Editor mails the respective person the discussions that happened for their duties so that they are informed of what they have to do during the day or week.

Team huddles are at times also held for chatting and laughing about what is cooking in the office. For example, the manager called the assistant manager to share the goof-ups made by the new employees at the workplace. The assistant manager takes it lightly and encourages the manager to introduce training and development programs for the new employees. 

At times, team huddles are also done for frightening discussions. For example, if the manager gets to know from the boss that their department is going to be shut down soon to cut costs. The manager may involve in a team huddle wherein he will gather the key people of his team and tell them to start looking for another job as a safety measure.