What is Personal Experience?

Personal experience varies from person to person.
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Personal experience is what a person goes through in his life on a personal front. Personal experience varies from person to person. Even in a room full of people, people would be going through different experiences personally despite being exposed to similar situations and things in the same room. That's why it is said that what one goes through personally, no other person can understand or feel as it is but can only empathize.

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For example, a man and a woman who went to a graveyard to do the death rituals of their loved one may have different experiences despite being exposed to the same rituals. The man would be feeling painful if it is his immediate family member whereas the woman would feel uncomfortable seeing the death rituals and would recollect all her past memories with the loved one. Although society tells both the man and the woman to be strong enough and overcome their grief over a period of time, each would have different experiences that can be sadness, hopelessness, loneliness, and even feeling cheated as well while they mourn the loss of their loved one.

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Thus, personal experiences cannot be standardized. A well-to-do man may be perceived differently by different people based on their personal experiences. A poor man may consider the well-to-do man as an arrogant and ruthless person who is selfishly based on the treatment he received from a man like him. While the well-to-do man's immediate family members may have different personal experiences with the man that they would like to cherish for a lifetime.

Personal experiences need to be analyzed in an objective manner and not in a subjective manner. Many times people think that they know it all, have seen it all, and have gone through it all because of the various personal experiences they received by meeting different types of people in their lives. When it comes to "personal", it means it is of the person and not of the society. So, when a person arrogantly says that he would like his son to join the corporate world because all top companies pay well and that is the future, it is because of his personal experience with his friend's son who had made a good fortune from the MNC job.

However, the man's son may not feel the same when he is working in a top company. He may feel suffocated and live in a prison-like atmosphere if he doesn't feel passionate about his job. That's because his personal experience is different from his dad's friend's son's. Thus, he wants to live like a free bird, do some gig projects and make a decent living.

Therefore, it is advised that one shouldn't take any major decision based on someone else's personal experiences. Personal experience also has an emotional influence on the person thus making him or them quit or join a particular course, a particular job, or even seek a new relationship or friendship in their lives. Personal experience needs to be dealt with carefully and based on positive or negative personal experiences, one can move ahead in their life.