What is Moody?

Moodiness can be a result of an underlying mental health issue that the person fails to understand and even address.
woman with sad mood
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Moody is a name given to a person who goes through different mood changes, which include sudden happiness or sadness on their face and emotions. You might have heard people talking about their moody bosses who would appreciate their employees during the month's end and when the next month starts, he would start banging on his table about how employees are not performing well. Moodiness can be a result of an underlying mental health issue that the person fails to understand and even address.

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A moody person is also called someone who is depressed, temperamental, or changes his moods swiftly based on the situations and surroundings. If you are living with a moody person, you would know their symptoms well because it comes without a warning. A moody person may get happy or angry at any given point and that may affect you in the long term if you don't care for your mental health.

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I have seen how couples usually fight over trivial issues and then end up going back home with a smile. It is because both of them suffer from rapid mood changes that make them irrational and irritating to each other at times. However, if their bond is strong, they don't give up on each other even if their fights don't have any sanity. 

You can spot a moody person easily because they have an unstable mindset. They will not fix their mind to one thing and keep changing their thoughts and statements like a girgit. (Girgit is an animal who changes his colors quite often). That's why you might have even noticed such moody people in your social circle or within the family. Moody people usually come from a harsh upbringing or have faced a lot of mishappenings in their lives that make them sound irrational and insane at times.

They might fight with you for silly reasons but when they have to take a stand, they would deny having said or behaved in a particular manner. It would be challenging for introverts or shy people to live with people who are quite moody. It is because moody people usually have the habit to keep committing mistakes in their lives and putting the blame on others for their wrongdoings.

Some moody people are also great at cracking jokes which attracts us to them. However, when things don't turn their way, they have a very bad habit to accuse the other person and have vengeance developing inside them. Some moody people are great artists or actors or successful professionals in their respective fields. Some moody people may hit at you with their words and show their angry side every now and then, thus making you confused and living in feelings of guilt and resentment.

It is not easy to live with a moody person unless you also have the same habit of changing your moods easily. If you are in a long-term relationship with a moody person, you need to develop kindness, patience, and compassion towards them. Learning to ignore their negative mood and criticism can help you overcome their behavioral changes in the long run.