What is Misunderstanding?

Misunderstanding often leads to arguments, quarrels, disagreements, and more relationship issues between two or more people.
mother and daughter
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Misunderstanding is not being able to understand a person in the right way. Misunderstanding occurs in usually all types of relationships, be it blood relationships or non-blood relationships. Misunderstanding is misinterpreting the person for his intentions, words, behaviors, and actions. Misunderstanding often leads to arguments, quarrels, disagreements, and more relationship issues between two or more people.

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The misunderstanding stems from the ignorance of a person to look at reality as it is and also have a negative perception of others. For example, a man in his 70s when he looked back on his life, found that he always misunderstood his parents, his siblings, his wife and children, his friends, and any people who came to make him understand that life is a good journey and not something to crib about all the time. 

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However, this man had a distorted and clouded vision of reality thus making him have fights with his aged mother quite often after his father passed away. He also misunderstood his caring sisters who always came to his rescue whenever he had financial and emotional problems. He also misunderstood his talented and not-so-educated wife for not living up to his expectations of a wife. He also misunderstood his children for being bold and brave and not living as timid children like others.

He misunderstood the care and affection that all his relatives always gave him for something that is fake and not coming out of his heart. He lived in the grief of losing his father at a tender age throughout his life and that made him never win over others and enjoy happy relationships. He was lucky to have everything in his life but his misunderstood perception of others in his life made him live life in mundane, depression, and despair.

He never could thank his loved ones because every time they did something for him, he always accused them of doing it half-heartedly and not giving him enough care, attention and affection. Despite all the constant accusations and blame games that he played throughout his life, his sisters always came to his rescue whenever he needed him. He had a brother like Laxman who also remained loyal to him even if this depressed man never appreciated him for all the hard work and sincere efforts that he made to improve his life.

The above example shows how misunderstandings break families and even hurt the sincere and caring hearts of genuine people. However, as fate has it, some people never enjoy true relationships just because their vision and perception are distorted. Such ignorant people sometimes even die without any gratefulness for all the hard work that others do to ensure that such ignorant people live good lives.

Probably that's how their destiny has been shaped and we should just pray to God to give such ignorant people better-thinking abilities so that they are at peace during and after their lives. Misunderstandings thus need to be avoided at all costs and calmness has to be practiced for the mind to have strong relationships and connections with self and others.