What is Life Transition?

That is his transition from unawareness to becoming aware of himself and others. 

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Life transition means the different phases of our life that we have to go through as we age. For example, when a child is born, up to four years of age, he or she really doesn't know how to behave, how to think properly, and even how to talk with others. He learns from his surroundings but when he goes to school, he starts understanding what is the right and wrong way of addressing others. That is his transition from unawareness to becoming aware of himself and others. 

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When the child enters a teenager, that's when he goes through a transformation in body and mind. He starts knowing what is good and bad touch. How people take advantage of people who are sincere and how sweet talks are not always the right people. He goes through hormonal changes that make him feel more than others. He develops a sense of identity as he goes through this phase of his life. Then comes his young age when he is made aware of his responsibilities towards himself, his family, and society.

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He is asked to search for a suitable bride, start a family, settle down in his life, take care of his children and aging parents simultaneously, have a stable job, and save finances for his retirement throughout his middle age. As he crosses 60, he enters the retirement age and most importantly, old age. Usually, people when they go from middle-age to old age do not like the life transition. It is because they have to face a lot of odd things in their lives due to old age such as health issues, loss of loved and near ones, retirement from their jobs or professions, relocation to their children's home if they are physically and mentally dependent on them, and go through several other late-life problems.

In old age, the body and mind become too rigid to adapt to situations and people who are changing as per the changing times. Thus, no proper bond is formed and major misunderstandings appear in old people's lives due to this unwanted life transition. No doubt there are several old people who have conquered the myths and impossibilities that people talk about in old age. But there are several other old people who resent this life's transition and live life in depression and isolation.

It is not that people face life's transition issues only in old age but in every era or decade if people are not adapting or looking at their situations with a broader perspective. For example, a child may resent his parents as they send him to school and private tuition so that he can study well and create a better career. However, if a counselor intervenes in the picture or if either of the parents calmly speaks to the child so that he can accept his life's transition, he would be going to school happily rather than feeling hatred towards this life's change.

If there are counselors or psychological experts who come to aid people in dealing with their life's problems and handling life's transitions, people would be able to lead a happy and more confident life than before.