What is Karma?

Karma is said to be the seeds of the plant that we have sown during this lifetime or in our past lives. 
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Image by Astrid Schmid from Pixabay

Karma is the most misunderstood word in today's times. There are many perspectives on viewing karma. Karma is said to be the seeds of the plant that we have sown during this lifetime or in our past lives. However, people's complex characteristics have made this simple concept of Karma a most difficult one to understand. For example, if you don't follow your religious beliefs and ideologies as prescribed to you by your parents or pandits, you may feel helpless and even scared in your life. You may feel like you will be trapped by some supernatural powers if you don't express your devotion to God as has been already written in scriptures or told to you by the temple officials or people working as Pandits.

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However, if you follow everything as told to you about your religion and still don't get what you want in life, you have a chance to start losing faith in whatever has been done to you in terms of religious practices. But then you start questioning more astrologers and their views on your horoscope because you are not getting what you desire to have in your life. You immediately get impatient and that's when very orthodox people appear in your life that you are facing troubled life because of your bad karma.

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So, how can you term karma as bad or good? For example, if you view a parent scolding his child for not studying and using different harsh means to make him study, you may think the parent is doing bad karma from the child's perspective. However, if you think from the parent's perspective, he is doing such acts of harshness with his own child because he wants to see his child's bright future. Same way, if you see a boss demeaning his employees with cuss words for underperforming every month, you may think the boss is getting bad karma. But the same boss is doing so and using such inhumane means so that he can get work done by his employees who in turn can stay back in the same organization and earn a good living.

So, who gives people the authority to judge others' karma? When karma is something that is like an account of what you do, what you think, and how you behave with yourself and others. For example, a woman may be slogging hard day and night to help her family have a good life. According to everyone, this woman is great because she is, after all, serving the entire family and fulfilling their needs. But one bad day comes, when she falls terribly sick and now no one wants her in their life because she is not of use to anyone. So, why is it that such a bad fate happened to this woman, you may wonder? It is because she helped others but forgot to help her own self and ignored her health time and again over the wishes of others. Thus, her karma towards her own self is what is bringing her to this stage in life and no one else's.