What is Instant Gratification?

Instant gratification is the comforting emotional reaction of happiness when a goal or desire is fulfilled.
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Instant Gratification means immediate gratification, which refers to a craving or temptation that has become a habit to get quick benefits or results or attention. Instant gratification is the comforting emotional reaction of happiness when a goal or desire is fulfilled. It is also found as a response originating from the completion of social needs such as social approval, mutual recognition, affiliation, and socializing. 


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Instant gratification is the quick desire to feel satisfied. For example, when a person does something and gets immediate positive results, he considers it instant gratification. When a child is singing a song, he feels really happy when his parents clap for him and encourages him to sing more. That becomes instant gratification for the child. However, if the child depends on such instant gratification in all aspects of his life, his brain patterns will change will distract him to do meaningful work, and thus lead to self-destructive behavior in financial, health, social and personal aspects of life.

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Instant gratification is what humans crave or tempt for always. In general, we humans want things now rather than later. We live in a quick world where our efforts have to be appreciated or recognized instantly or we lose interest to follow the pursuit. The evolution of humans and animals in today's age has made instant gratification a problem rather than a solution. For example, we post a selfie on our Facebook profile and keep looking at our profile throughout the day to know how many comments or likes we get. That's called instant gratification. In case we don't get immediate feedback, we feel like a loser and assume that we are not doing the right way.

A painter used to paint really well and got addicted to social media platforms. He would upload the images of his paintings and would enjoy the instant gratification he would get in the form of likes, comments, followers, etc. However, the addiction became so worse that when once he didn't get the reactions of people on social media to his paintings, he stopped painting as a passion and profession both. He got depressed to such an extent because his instant gratification formula didn't work.

After getting into therapy and speaking to a counselor, he realized that we should work for passion and not for fashion. Whenever our brains tell us that we will get happy only when we get the likes or comments on social media or only if we get appreciation from others, that time we need to tell our brains that irrespective of whether we get noticed or not, we will work and do our best. Getting engrossed in our work or any art form is the best form of healing and therapy. It will put our souls at peace when we work or give our best. 

Always waiting for instant gratification will not help in the long run because the world cannot come to our help or rescue or keep watching our work all the time. Today may be our followers on social media or people around us compliment us for the work but there will be a time when they may not like our work even if it is made well and that should be okay for us.