What is Inflation-Related Anxiety?

So, all these factors are leading to inflation-related anxiety among youngsters and people of all generations alike. 
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Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Majority of the Indians nowadays are going through inflation-related anxiety. "Oh my God, the cooking gas rates have been increased," said a mother-in-law to her daughter-in-law in a household. The electricity bill has come and it is no less than Rs. 5,000, said a son to his mother. There are going to be GST taxes introduced for more food items, said the boss to a journalist in order to cover a story. Well, the rates of everything are rising considerably. Even if you venture out of your home to buy some fruits and vegetables to get back home and cook something delicious, you need to at least carry Rs. 100 in your purse, that much is the rising inflation in recent times.

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Common people and companies blame each other as the coronavirus pandemic led to losses in many sectors all over the nation. So, whatever losses were incurred during 2020 and 2021, have to be recovered and what better option for businesses to increase their prices? But at the end of the day, common people suffer and they don't live in a world where there are stable jobs. People want performers in their companies and removing employees as a cost-cutting exercise has become a common practice nowadays.

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So, all these factors are leading to inflation-related anxiety among youngsters and people of all generations alike. Now when a child goes out, he looks at his dad's face for asking for even a pen to write because even a Rs. 3 pen is no longer available and has been made to Rs. 5. So, in such a scenario, when the costs are rising drastically and the income levels are dropping considering among people, it remains a big question mark of how people who feel anxious about inflation lead a normal life.

In the current times, you will find inflation-related anxiety everywhere you go and with everyone you meet. Even a celebrity who is endorsing brands and has made a good fortune for himself will find anxiety about the rising costs. Because only if he earns well can the people below and around him sustain in their respective professions. So, the debate that the rich don't get affected is all lose talks because inflation makes everyone from all income groups anxious and stressed alike. Only the reactions to expressing their thoughts would differ.

For example, a common man can as far as possible just cry in front of his relatives and friends about how he has dropped the plans of higher education for his children because he no longer has the funds to sponsor the same. A journo may write sensational headlines to create curiosity and grab the eyeballs of the readers about the inflation-related chaos and anxiety but in the end, everyone is suffering from the same. 

In order to reduce the harmful effects of inflation-related anxiety, one can just stop reading the news and media information about the same. You can focus on your expenses and savings by creating an excel sheet and just live for the day. Leading a balanced lifestyle and thinking of positive ideas will probably help you get rid of inflation-related anxiety over a period of time.