What is Humility?

And no doubt, I have seen this quality of "not being humble" and "being quite practical" in people who are Millenials and gen Z. 
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Humility or humbleness or being down-to-earth is a quality that is really rare to find these days. It is the quality that makes a person feel that whatever he is or has is enough but it doesn't qualify him to become the only person who has it all or knows it all. Living in the 21st century, we imagine the world to have humble people all over. But due to ignorance of reality and arrogance of knowing it all, people usually are far from reaching the state of humility in their lives. When overconfidence becomes arrogance, it becomes really difficult to deal with such kinds of people. And no doubt, I have seen this quality of "not being humble" and "being quite practical" in people who are Millenials and gen Z. 

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Humility is a form of humanity wherein you try to understand the other person's viewpoint and try your best to help them out. Humility has to be there in you despite all the successes, accomplishments, and materialistic wealth that you possess. The reason why the world is becoming more narrow-minded these days is because of the lack of humility among people from all walks of life. For example, you might have heard about humility stories only among some film stars like Salman Khan, Ram Charan, Yash, and Rajinikanth in recent times. It is because they want to show the world how to remain grounded even if you are at the peak of your career.

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Humility has to be there to restore faith in humanity. Just imagine you have all sorts of wealth, bank balance, and materialistic possessions with you, but your lack of sharing with others and caring for the needy people in society will make you not gain respect from all. However, if you possess the quality of humility and help others with whatever you know or have, you are setting the right example for others to grow together and live in a win-win world.

The graph of poverty will get drastically reduced if more and more rich people become humble and grounded. The thought that whatever we earn is only ours and not to be shared with others is quite narrow and cowardly. Because this will widen the graph of rich and poor people in the country and the world. So, what if you have got a bonus or extra money in your bank account if you can widen your thinking to include the needy in your life by contributing some funds on a yearly basis for their betterment.

So, what if you do not have money, you can still help others with your knowledge and wisdom. So, if you visit a bank and there is an uneducated person who is just finding it difficult to fill the required form to do their transactions, don't hesitate much. Just go ahead and do your job of filling it for them. You need not donate funds if you yourself are struggling to build an empire but a lending hand always comes to use for at least one needy person you meet in your life. This quality that you show by helping others and uplifting them with whatever means are available to you, will help you to remain grounded and not live in fear, pride, or arrogance.