What is Hopelessness?

Hopelessness usually occurs among people who are quite depressed and have suicidal thoughts every now and then. 
woman feeling sad
Image from Pixabay

Hopelessness means a lack of hope or feeling that there is no hope in life. Hopefulness is the complete opposite of hopelessness. Hopelessness usually occurs among people who are quite depressed and have suicidal thoughts every now and then. Do you think hopelessness can be cured? Yes, with the right intervention, timely medication, and a change in the mindset of the person, the feeling of hopelessness can be cured. Usually, a person feeling hopeless in life has extreme negative thoughts and wrong assumptions about others.

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A hopeless state happens to a person who goes through many tragic instances in his life. At times, some people may not face those tragic events in their lives but still, feel hopeless because of a lack of purpose. For example, when a 55 years old man's company got closed, he became jobless. Although he had a family to feed, his increasing health issues made it difficult for him to think of taking up another job. He announced early retirement and stayed back at home. But during his homestay, he was becoming so depressed in his life because he didn't find any purpose in living. His depression increased the symptoms of his physical illnesses due to a lack of confidence, physical activities, and overall interest in life. This led him to develop a sense of hopelessness within a span of one year.

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On the other hand, a 86 years old who had many hospitalizations in the past didn't reach that hopeless state till the coronavirus pandemic hit the country. The thought that he no longer can meet his friends or visit temples or go out, made him feel hopeless in his life, thus making him reach his death state in a matter of months. Another example of hopelessness is a child who scores poorly in his exams and immediately gives up on life by feeling hopeless. This makes him not willing to go to school and question his sense of worth in life because his marks were poor in one semester exams.

So, we cannot standardize people and their feelings of hopelessness because any incident that may appear small or silly to us may look like a huge thing for a person going through depression or suicidal thoughts. He may consider that one incident in his life to feel hopeless or despair because of his state of mind. That's why it is recommended that such people who are going through anxiety, depression, stress, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia, among others should consult a mental health professional and start getting the required treatment to overcome hopelessness.

Reading inspirational books and success stories of others can also be useful for people who go through despair and hopelessness in their lives. With small steps, a person can change their outlook towards life and come out of the mental health illnesses that make them view life as an impossible thing. Hopelessness can be solved if surrounding people show interest in the person's life to make him feel better and involve him in daily life matters.