Monday, October 18, 2021

What is Heaven?

As per the definition available on the internet, Heaven or Heavens is a commonplace that can be called a residence of Gods, Angels, Souls, Saints, or Adored Ancestors. That’s what we have been taught since childhood that if we do good work, then after our death from human existence, we will be taken by God to heaven. If we do bad work or karma, we will be punished by God to put us in hell after our death. 

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This teaching holds good importance to people so that they refrain from getting into bad practices like corruption, killing other human beings or animals, etc. However, extreme thinking of the concept of heaven makes people so rigid that they make their life a living hell during their time on the Earth itself. 

What is Karma?

For example, people who follow olden thinking and hold outdated beliefs about life and traditions make it really challenging for people who have liberal thinking and an open mindset. I recollect a girl in my ex-office who shared how her mother-in-law didn’t allow her to study further and have a career because she believed that as a woman, her role is only in the kitchen. This really shocked me when she said even her husband supported his mother in this kind of old-fashioned thinking. It clearly showed to me how the mother-son duo was living in hell on the Earth itself by creating troubles for the daughter-in-law of the family.

 Many women out there opt out of work or having a career due to the increasing family responsibilities that come with age and new members in the family. There is nothing improper with it. But if the people of the house share the responsibilities and support the working people (be it a man or a woman) then it aids in the better emotional and financial health of all the members in the family. This is like creating a heaven-like place in the house itself while you are alive than thinking about your life after death. Heaven is not a place but a mindset. A person can have everything like a heaven on this Earth itself and yet feel like a hell because of his perception and negative thinking patterns. Try to find happiness and peace with what you have in life and see how blessed your life will be.

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