What is Happiness Insurance?

However, in reality, happiness insurance is something that is defined by you as your happiness and contentment state of mind.
ashram in peace
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Happiness Insurance is not a policy that any insurance company can really sell. It can be used as a tagline to promote their insurance products and services. However, in reality, happiness insurance is something that is defined by you as your happiness and contentment state of mind. So what will make you happy and content throughout your life, is something that you really need to come up with, rather than someone else defining or dictating for you. 


A happy life is something that everyone looks for and wants to have these days. But how many of you are really putting effort so that you enjoy happiness and periods of bliss in your life? What are your secrets to a happy life? How do you ensure that your kids will live happily even if you are not there with them? How will give that happiness insurance to your wife or partner or parents in your absence? 

Well, it is about life skills. Happiness insurance can be taken by anyone who has life skills and human values. Life skills involve problem-solving, critical thinking, effective communication skills, decision-making, creative thinking, interpersonal relationship skills, self-awareness-building skills, empathy, and coping with stress and emotions, as defined by WHO, UNICEF, and UNESCO.

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So, have you done your part in training your children in these important life skills? Have you told your partner to stay courageous and live independently even when you are alive? Have you ensured your parents accept life's tragic moments without panicking much in their olden days? Well, if you work towards these goals in your personal life along with fulfilling all the professional obligations in helping all the parties concerned to be financially secured, then you are really ensuring that people in your life stay happy.

You can hire a life coach who can help you get to understand these life and human skills well in case you are someone who is too much under stress in your life. Yes, there are several phases in one's life that make one like a rock. People say tough people get tougher when they are undergoing different worst situations. But that need not be true for all. You really need not invite troubled relationships into your life just because others are facing the same.

You can live in a simple manner with less effort and understanding why "minimalism is actually the ideal way of life" and "how spiritual practices can keep one happy and at peace even in these ever-changing times". When you meet more positive-minded people, you will be getting exposed to several theories that will show shifting your thinking processes from extremely negative to really positive will help you to set a good phase in your life.

You will understand that life is not just limited to certain events in your life but it is a holistic view of why things happen in a particular way at a particular time. You will understand the real meaning of happiness in life when you meet such happy-go-lucky people in your life and that's how happiness insurance will happen in your life automatically.