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What is Group Discussion?

Group discussion is a discussion among a group of individuals who have the same interest and come together formally or informally to share their ideas, come up with solutions for problems or make any sort of comments on the topics talked about. A group discussion can include two or more persons. It has to be on a topic that can be anything from a small household problem to a national issue that is highlighted in the news.

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Group discussion helps to take decisions as there are many opinions that get gathered in a group. One has to listen to everyone’s take present in the group and the leader comes up with a solution that is best suited for all. In colleges, usually professors give marks or ranks based on the performance of the participant in group discussions.

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Nowadays, group discussions are included in the school and college curriculum as it is important for students to speak up and have an opinion. It is vital that youngsters know what is right or wrong and that they get to know when they listen to the suggestions and opinions of various people. So, group discussion activity is beneficial for all the participants and the audience alike.

There is nothing wrong or right to be judged in a group discussion because everyone is asked to only give an opinion, information that they know is the best. The group leader comes up with the right decision after analyzing all the opinions and feedback. Group discussion is also used at the corporate level when the business is going through a change management process. 

Group discussion can be on topics like factual things, daily life topics, socio-economic topics. Skills for Group Discussion include reasoning, speaking, time management, presentation, summarizing, creativity, listening, proactive, etc. In order to groom yourself for group discussion, always have a pen and notebook, initiate the discussion, and maintain eye contact while speaking.

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