What is Friendship?

Friendship is when you help each other with no expectations that you will be helped in exchange. 
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Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

Friendship is a journey of evolving and growing in life together. Friendship is when you help each other with no expectations that you will be helped in exchange. Well, definitely it doesn't mean the friendship is a charity. It only means friendship is a mutual feeling towards understanding each other's situations with or without verbal communication. When you cry, your friend will not worry or ask you what happened. Your real friend would already have an idea of what bothered you the most and in exchange will try to calm you down.

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Your real friend is someone who knows to set boundaries at the right time and yet is there for you on all the important occasions of your life. Friendship is something that you both cherish the most because it is a valued relationship for you over everything else. Friendship is not just for namesake but a way of your life. For example, your friend just has to put a status on WhatsApp that she has some good news, and you will be the one to congratulate her on the good news by knowing everything without even sharing what the good news is all about. 

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Your real friend doesn't need explanations from you but understands your thoughts even without having to struggle to share the same. Well, this kind of friendship affection, and understanding comes only after years of being friends with each other. For new friends, communication is the most important aspect of their lives. They need to keep sharing everything to know how they think about life, about others, about themselves, and even about what they don't know or understand.

When you are friends with another person, you start to learn to respect others' viewpoints and not act selfishly. You learn to share and care, which is the most beautiful aspect of friendship. Friends are forever and this happens only if there is mutual connection and understanding between both persons. You can get many fake friends in life who will admire you on your face and keep badmouthing about your skills to others in your absence.

There will also be times when fake friends will make you believe that your real or true friends are not good for you. They will create all sorts of drama and negativity in your life that will shift your focus from your life's goals. Thus, such fake or negative friends are not good for your health and overall life. You need to move on from such friends in order to spot the real friends in your life. You will have to work on your friendship in the best possible way so that you can create meaningful life memories.

If your friend gives up on you because you acted badly with him, don't feel small in saying sorry and fixing the relationship. After all, it is the friendship that gives the memories of love, laughter, and life, which we can cherish for a lifetime and keep sharing about what we did with our friends to our children and grandchildren as well.