What is Expectation?

And that is the reason why people in today's times are under major stress, be it a small child or a young person or a middle-aged man or an elderly woman.
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Image by Jenny Friedrichs from Pixabay

The expectation is what you think will happen or should happen with you or your family or your professional life or in society. Expectation comes as a strong belief that things should happen your way or the way you think. It may or may not be related to reality. And that is the reason why people in today's times are under major stress, be it a small child or a young person or a middle-aged man or an elderly woman.

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Everyone expects something from themselves or others or in general. However, expectations, if don't match with reality, can create a lot of chaos in life. Expectations can kill a person's hope if they are set unrealistically. For example, I know a businessman who used to pay peanuts to his employees but expected a lot of work from his staff thinking that they will do this or that and achieve major goals for him. His expectations fell flat when his employees started resigning from his job because they were going through major financial crises, and emotional challenges like stress, burnout, fears, etc.

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Thus, the boss' expectations were not as per the realistic standards set for the employees and the company in general. Had the boss ensured that he described the work that he has from his employees and set the right amount and time for the work to be done, his employees would have willingly stayed back and ensured to take his company to the newer heights. This is one of the major reasons why many startups and small businesses fail because the proprietor or owner doesn't understand what work has to be done by the employees and what expectations need to be set from the job done vs the market.

Expectations also can be found among parents who really work hard to bring up their children. Like, I have seen a woman who would expect her child to score 90% marks without even understanding if her child can achieve the same or not. Such high expectations majorly lead to chaos in the family structure wherein people even get suicidal thoughts because they are unable to make their family members happy and feel secure.

Expectations thus need to be dealt with in the right manner. One needs to be hopeful but in a realistic way. For example, if you are in a problem, you cannot blindly leave things to unfold and think that God will solve the problem for you unless you take the right actions. Expectations of success and growth can be possible if the actions taken are as per the reality. 

Like, if you commit to writing 5 articles a day as a content writer and you are unable to do so due to your personal reasons for a longer period, you can set lower expectations for yourself to at least write 3 articles a day and be satisfied with it. Expectations and satisfaction work hand in hand. Like you can plan for higher targets, but when you are able to achieve only a particular thing, you can be happy and satisfied with whatever you have or achieve in life.