What is Escapism?

Their escapism can be in the form of creativity or it can be in the form of some work so that they can feel better in their life. 
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Escapism is a kind of mental diversion or mind distraction that is done to create an alternate reality of life. People who find their real life to be unhappy or sad or harsh often tend to get into escapism in order to reduce their sadness. Their escapism can be in the form of creativity or it can be in the form of some work so that they can feel better in their life. For example, some women tend to get into cooking different types of foods for their family members whenever they feel sad about their real-life situations. This sort of food addiction helps them to feel good or better about their current-life situations and helps them stay in control of their life.

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Escapism can also be a form of habitual diversion of the mind to engage themselves in a purely different or imaginary world. Entertainment is one sort of escapism so that the person enjoys the imaginary or fictional world rather than living in the reality. For example, you might have seen many children to adults watch movies or series online whenever they get free time. This makes them laugh or smile at the jokes that the entertaining serials or movies offer them. It also makes them feel good if they are lonely or sad about their life.

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Escapism is the coping mechanism for people who don't like negative emotions and unpleasant situations in their life. Escapism is an important activity in today's times where the media and entertainment rule more than anything else. Some people think escapism is not good for mental health while some people think that escapism is a good form of recreation to get rid of the challenges of daily life. Escapism can help reduce burnout, and stress levels and also bring a ray of hope and courage to people's lives.

Another example of escapism is when people try to drop out of their studies to pursue acting or alternate forms of professions because they intend to not follow the conventional ways of living. Some people escape from the idea of marriage because they don't believe in the traditional forms of living together between a man and a woman. They give reasons like being single helps them lead more meaningful and better lives than getting married to a partner of the opposite gender.

Escapism from reality is not a good sign in the long term because people don't get the opportunity to develop their mental strength. For example, you might have seen how when children start crying, parents give mobile phones or toys to them to keep them engaged. This makes the children get addicted to smartphones and toys and they crave such things always when they find themselves in not-so-familiar situations in life.

However, escapism makes them not know and experience a lot of things in life. For example, during family functions or social gatherings, if children stay addicted to smartphones or toys, they miss a lot of real-life observations that are good for their development and learning. Hence, one should practice escapism only in certain situations in their life when it becomes too difficult to handle them.