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What is Digital Divide?

Digital divide means the gap between the areas and demographics that have the access to current information and communication technology and people who don’t have to access the same. The digital divide is caused due to low literacy and low-income levels, geographical limitations, lack of encouragement to use technology, less physical access to technology, digital illiteracy, among others. The digital divide increases today even due to the mass marketing of online devices with Internet access. The high cost of digital devices and low knowledge of using the digital infrastructure can lead to a digital divide.

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The high cost of computers, laptops, tablets, electronic devices leads to a large divide between people who can buy them, and people who cannot just afford them. The digital divide concept is more of a complex process as the usability, economic support, and empowerment divide also contribute to it. People’s access, skills, motivation, emotions, and utility to digital devices contribute to the digital divide further.

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The digital divide was existent for a decade or so but it became more prominent when the 2020 coronavirus pandemic led to the closure of schools, colleges, and offices, and people were asked to stay back homes. Only the ones who had digital devices and knowledge of the same were able to attend online lectures and do their online work. The rest of the people were dropped from their education and work, which led to chaos and an increase in the poverty levels of the country.

People working in the entertainment industry suffered huge losses as the technicians, spot boys, and on-ground people were left with nothing but to stay at home as their jobs didn’t include any digital infrastructure. Many unorganized workers were also left shocked as their work also didn’t come under digital infrastructure. This showed how the country has been divided between people who adopted digital technologies and people who were not. 

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