What is Digital Depression?

Digital depression is more common among teenagers and people who are in the young age group.
woman looking at tablet and laptop
Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay

Digital depression, as the name of the term goes by, is developing the disease of depression disease due to the impact of using digital devices. Sexual harassment, cyberbullying, rise in drug use are all reasons that people go through digital depression nowadays. Digital depression is more common among teenagers and people who are in the young age group.

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Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, there are various ways in which people fall into the trap of digital addiction and thus, feel extremely negative and develop digital depression. Digital depression also leads to a lack of good quality sleep, making a person feel irritated and moody throughout the day and week or even months. The root cause of digital depression is the amount of time a person spends using mobile phones or laptops, watching OTT series, etc. The time spent watching irrelevant content or reading depressing news on the internet can also negatively influence the hormones in the brain, thus leading to going through digital depression.

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Students and youngsters nowadays are in the fad of following the trends that appear on social media feeds. So, if there is something trending, a person tries to read about the same and even tries to implement it in their own life. This amount of time that gets lost in doing unwanted things on the internet, makes them sleep less, focus less on their academics or job or career, makes them lose memory, and also affects their physical and mental health due to a lack of productive activities in their lives.

For example, when the exams are up and the student doesn't find time for studies because he wants to check their social media feeds and know what others are doing, the student will remain distracted even while studying their books. Because their mind wants to know what their friends are doing on social media. Game addictions and mobile phone chatting or talking for more than the required hours can also lead to loss of time and activities in a person's life. Thus, when other students get good marks and the student who spent the entire time of the year on the internet and technology alone doing unwanted things, fails poorly, he becomes depressed in his life.

Digital depression can thus be common in the coming years if people don't mend their way in using technology and related devices. Like if the electricity or internet goes off for a while, and a person feels hopeless, then he just has got the addiction to living in the digital world and he needs to come to terms with reality sooner or later. He needs to learn to balance both technology and the real world so that he is not ruled by technology but controls his life in his own ways.

That's why it is recommended that people should keep online friends and friends with whom they can meet at offline places as well so that there are human interactions, feelings, and emotions are expressed in a human manner. Humanity and Technology should go hand in hand and that's how digital depression or digital anxiety can be avoided in the long run.