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What is Digital Brand Management?

Digital Brand Management is a mix of strategies that influence the way your target audience or customers interact with your brand digitally either directly or indirectly. Digital Brand Management includes apps, social media engagement, PPC, blog marketing, landing pages on the web among others.

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For example, an educational consultant brought a domain name from Google Domains and started his blog on Blogger. The website was registered and he started uploading posts on a regular basis. In order to make people aware of his new website, he started sharing its links of new posts on his social media profiles of LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even WhatsApp groups.

What is Blogging?

Slowly, he found that his website was getting views on the important articles and he decided to work on the SEO of the blog by optimizing the content on-page and off-page. He decided to spend money on Facebook and Twitter ads to increase the reach with the paid medium. Also, organically he tried to keep his website updated so that he could get organic traffic from different search engines and newsletter e-mail marketing of top blogs of the week.

The website started gaining more attention when it announced contests for college students and youngsters to participate in it. It also partnered with various events happening at the college and corporate level, thus making the website a brand. The comments and queries posted on various social media profiles were answered quickly and on a timely basis.

Over a period of time, the digital brand of the website was managed by a digital marketing firm that had professionals to manage its SEO, SMM, and online visibility. The website even got mentioned by many college students in their assignments and project reports, thus making it the most preferred digital brand for education among college-going students. That’s about the digital brand management story of a website.

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