What is Detailed Planning?

Detailed planning comes in handy when people have to execute something in action.
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Detailed planning or comprehensive planning is the act or procedure of making plans that are specific to a particular purpose. When you are planning something, it cannot be without thinking of all the pros and cons. Detailed planning comes in handy when people have to execute something in action. Remember detailed planning can also lead to chaos if things are not mentioned in a manner that the users of the plan can understand. Sometimes, detailed planning can also delay certain processes because a few steps in the plan of action may not be required. However, people blindly follow the detailed plan if the users are not experts in their domain or lack the experience to do the work.

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For example, if you are new to the content writing process, you cannot directly start churning out articles as per the clients' expectations. Because what you write may not be what your client wants to convey to the readers. Thus, the client comes with a detailed document on what he wants in the introduction paragraph, concluding paragraph, how many words the article has to be, what kind of tone has to be set in the article, and how you need to mention the reference links in the article and how much uniqueness the article has to be so that it doesn't face any sort of rejection while getting published.

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Detailed planning can also help people who are new to travel. For example, if you are a first-time traveler, reading travel blogs or getting advice from people who are professional travelers will help you to take things ahead easily. Like, from the start destination to the end destination and returning back, if you have the travel plan written given to you by the travel agent, you will know how to pack your bag, how many days you need to take a leave, how you can take time for the shopping, etc. The start time, date, and venue and the end time, date, and venue need to be mentioned in the travel document. Also, the cost associated with each trip will help to analyze if you need the trip in your plan or not. 

Detailed planning will help in determining when the action has to be taken and what goals have to be achieved through the plan. If important things are missed out in the detailed planning, then things will not function as per the plan and thus, it will lead to failures for the company or the individuals associated with the plan.

Detailed planning can also assist newcomers when they join the organization and don't know anything about the company, how it functions and how their work will be analyzed on a monthly and yearly basis. Detailed planning is useful for a child as well in mapping his academics and career success. So, if you tell a child that he has to score 90% marks in class 10, it won't work. You need to give the child a detailed plan of how much time he should be dedicated to studying which subjects and how much time he should practice healthy living habits to succeed in not just academics but also overall life.