What is Denial?

Sometimes people go into denial mode because they don't want to accept reality as it is. 
no written many times
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Denial is the art of saying NO despite having proof or evidence. A person is said to be in denial mode if he doesn't accept the mistakes or errors that he has committed in his life. Sometimes people go into denial mode because they don't want to accept reality as it is. When a girl was asked why she doesn't take grief therapy because her anxiety attacks after she lost her mother was making her perform worse in her personal and professional life, she was completely in denial mode.

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The girl argued that she is quite practical and doesn't need such grief therapies or counseling sessions because they are all nonsense. The girl even blamed others who tried to show their compassion and understanding toward her. She accused her relatives of not showing enough care and affection by denying all their attempts to be fake. She also denied wanting any more relations, thus cutting them off from her life and wanting to live alone.

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This state of denial that the girl was into is called denialism. Denialism is 

denial or not accepting the existence, truth, or validity of something despite having proof or enough evidence that it is real, true, or valid. Sometimes people living in denial mode can cause problems for others. For example, a woman lived in denial mode of her wrongdoings to her daughter-in-law throughout the marital journey of her son. She kept plotting and planning all misunderstandings between the newly married couple i.e. her son and her daughter-in-law and denied her involvement in the chaos that she was creating in the young minds.

When she was proved about her misdeeds, she completely denied it and took her hands off saying that she is being misinterpreted as the daughter-in-law of the house is not up to her expectations. Thus, the couple parted ways because her mother-in-law lived in the denial mode of ruining her son's life and getting him nothing worth living for. 

A child lived in the denial mode that he had a passion for arts. When his parents convinced him to do engineering, he instantly agreed to say that he has no other interest in other streams thus neglecting his passion. But when the time came for taking up the job, the grown-up man found himself suffocated in doing his engineering work. He wished he hadn't denied his career aspirations when he was given a chance by his parents to explore his life.

A woman lived in denial mode that her husband was not a good man even when she found him cheating on another woman. The wife convinced herself to think that her husband was one of the best things that has happened to her. However, when her husband decided to separate because of his attraction toward another woman in his life, the wife broke down completely because she was unable to come out of her denial mode.

The root cause of people living in denial mode is fear, insecurity, and anxiety. People try to protect their emotional security and thus, they train their minds to only believe certain things that give them happiness ignoring the real and harsh facts of their life.