What is Consideration?

Why do people consider someone else or something else better than others?
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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

"I considered you for this job role because you deserve it", said the boss to his new recruit. However, the consideration of the employee to the team was not accepted wholeheartedly and many politics were played at the workplace. So, what is consideration? Why do people consider someone else or something else better than others? Is consideration given only to certain things in life? What makes a person feel that this thing is right for them?


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Consideration is giving respect or advantage to a thing or a person over others present in the lot. Say, for example, you have completed your class 10 and you are given many career options by your parents. But you choose only Arts because you want to be a painter. When your parents ask the same you, you share that Arts is where your heart lies and you would be more content in the profession. It is because you considered Arts over other educational streams as your happiness lies in Arts.

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Same way, a groom's family visits many unmarried girls' homes to know who is the perfect bride for their son. They consider the girl who has the qualities of a homely person, respecting parents and taking care of the family the utmost priority over others. This is because the groom's family gives consideration to values over bridal looks and qualifications or wealth in the current times. 

So, the consideration differs from person to person as everyone has a different perspective to lead their lives. People think that they know everything when they are considered by others. If others neglect them or ignore their talents and are always criticizing them, then they feel hurtful and develop low self-worth. This is because of the low respect and consideration that they get in society.

I recently watched the movie Rocketry: The Nambi Effect starring R. Madhavan in the lead role. I was amazed at his story writing and directing skills because I already knew he was a good actor. The way he narrated the story of Nambi Narayan, made me feel as if the biopic was to consider the efforts made by the ISRO engineer and scientist in helping the nation become one of the leading countries in rocket science.

The dialogues and script writing mentioned in the film made us understand the importance of how Nambi Narayan sacrificed his happiness and life's good moments just to be a true servant for the betterment of the country. Yet when he was accused of a false case, it was heartbreaking. For a man like him who did so much so that the efforts of the scientists shouldn't go waste, he should be considered a real-life hero and many books should be written about him.

When in the film Nambi confesses to his wife after winning the case that he never could become a good father or a husband because all in his heart was to make a meaningful contribution to society through his scientific work. Yet his children and the people who knew his real-life adored him and considered him a hero and winner in life. This story is of due consideration and honor given to Nambi Narayan over a period of time.