What is Boast?

You will find examples of boasts in many people in modern times.
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Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay

Boast, also called Arrogance in a negative manner, is used the majority of times these days by people who think they are too proud of their achievements. You will find examples of boasts in many people in modern times. Like the other day, I was watching an interview of a film star who was bragging about his movies making 100 crores every time within a few weeks of their release in theatres. The film star is not only called arrogant for her statements to the media but her ignorance is making her get negative attention from different sections of the media and even the common public.

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You might also find kids these days boasting about how they are scoring 90% and above marks by enrolling in some private tuitions or taking up online classes. Kids' ignorance is understandable because they are not mature enough to understand the difference between reality and perception. However, when people in top positions keep boasting about their company's achievements or their own job profile to others who don't have that salary package or job title, it feels like cheap publicity.

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Boasting is the complete opposite of humility and down-to-earth personalities. Rich kids usually boast about their parents' wealth and how they are doing exceptionally well in their luxurious lives. However, you will find really a rare gem of a person who really is in the top position but doesn't brag or boast about his life or compare the same with others. You will find a lot of humbleness in such people who ensure that whatever they get is credited due to God's grace and deny taking the credit for their accomplishments or contributions.

Boasting is good only to a certain limit. For example, if you are a salesperson then you will have to add value to the customers by sharing how the company is doing well and how its product or service can help the customer. But over-boasting will only create chaos in the conversations with the customer. Because they will not believe in the extreme boasting or over-promotion of products and services and will consider the promises made by the customer as fake.

Boasting is used interchangeably with pride, ego, arrogance, and other related words. Ego is when a person doesn't think other deserving candidates should be able to get whatever they are having in their lives. For example, a successful woman who is so egoistic doesn't believe in others coming up in her team and thus, may use ways to demean them or criticize their work in order to lower their morale. Such a kind of behavior is done by her because of the egoistic pride that makes her believe that she should be superior to others no matter what.

Boasting also comes if a person gives too much importance to themself and only their needs. For example, a job candidate may only keep bragging about his past work at his past companies so that he can get a better package than the previous organization at his future company.