What is Blame Game?

The blame game is a situation in which we tend to blame others for all the unfortunate situations that are happening in our lives.
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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The blame game is a situation in which we tend to blame others for all the unfortunate situations that are happening in our lives. For example, if the electricity goes off, we blame the electricity officials for not working well. If there is a pothole on the roads unattended, then we blame the municipality officials. If we get fewer marks in our exams, then we blame our teachers for not teaching the concepts well. If there is a roadblock in our career, then we blame the manager who dominated us in our job. If our partner is not happy with us, then we blame the partner themselves for the relationship issues. If we fall sick, then we blame the partner or parents for not caring for us well.

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So, basically, we tend to find something or someone to blame, and that kind of game we are habitual playing throughout our life. Such people who keep playing the blame game are known to come from a victim mindset. Such people don't like to take responsibility for their lives and neither do they like to take others' advice. They only know to keep crying about the non-favorable situations in their lives and put the blame on others to satisfy their big-fat egos.

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So, what happens if a person keeps playing the blame game? Well, he loses out on many relationships eventually in his life because no one likes to be accused or blamed for not doing or not being a part of an unfortunate incident or event in others' lives. For example, when a man's aged father died, he blamed his wife for the misfortune. He blamed his wife when his mother fell sick and he lost his job. He accused his partner to have brought sorrow into their lives, although the innocent lady was not a part of anything that the man had or did in his life.

Thus, such victim-mindset people need psychological counseling so that they can see their immediate and faraway relationships from a new perspective. They don't have to ruin their relations or people in their lives by badmouthing them to society. Instead, they can come out of their bad situations with a new sense of hope and courage to improve their lives with their own duties towards themselves and others. Doing the right thing at the right time and taking advice or professional help from the right source will help such people come out of the blame games that they get trapped into in their lives.

Some sort of early signs of depression or mental illness and even grief or extreme tragic incidents also makes people put the blame on others and carry on with their lives as if nothing has been done by them. For example, you might have heard or seen how dirty politics gets played by coworkers when an employee is absent from the workplace for a prolonged period of time. If there is any mistake or error, such co-workers blame the employee for not performing well and being unavailable at the workplace.