What is Annadanam?

Annadanam is a very beautiful initiative that is a boon to humanity and mankind. 
man in a bakery
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Annadanam is a donation of food to the needy and hungry people living in the world. There was a time when people used to struggle to even have two meals a day every day. With meager income and lack of facilities, people living in different parts of India grew and have evolved so far. So, whenever there are parties or large functions when food is being wasted by the elite group of people, many suggestions are written to such catering groups to use that unused food to give to the poor and needy people living in various parts.

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Annadanam is a very beautiful initiative that is a boon to humanity and mankind. If you have some unused or extra food at home, instead of putting it in the dustbin, you can opt to pack it nicely and give it to a beggar sitting on the streets. This small act can go a long way in bringing about a change in someone's life who doesn't have access to nutritious meals. Beggars, needy and poor people are someone who doesn't have good living standards.

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They live on the streets the whole day looking for some financial help and some dirty areas where they can sleep at night. If you can do something for them, just pack one meal a day that you prepare at home and give them to eat on a regular basis. This is a small effort from your end but it can really help the hungry stomach of someone to feel satisfied at least for the whole day. If you cannot pack meals, you can support charitable organizations that work for the welfare of poor people by organizing food donation camps.

The food donation camps are organized at religious places and even by companies on a regular basis to give the poor and lonely people nutritious meals. You can donate some amount of your yearly salary to such groups and become a part of the global campaign to end hunger in the world. This unique and noble initiative from your side will help you earn more blessings from others. It will make you feel good and also spread positivity in your life.

You will become more delighted in your everyday life because your charity help will bring about a remarkable change in others' lives. That feeling you get when you are a part of a noble initiative will make you feel proud of yourself. You will get the required energy to work harder and earn more so that you can feed the needy mouths with food. If you cannot do anything of the above, you can at least start saving a few amounts of rupees on a daily basis. You can cut down your unnecessary living expenses by thinking of the poor. Instead of owning two or three smartphones and having multiple SIMs, you can just own one good smartphone and continue paying the bills of one or two SIMs. This way, the savings that you make by cutting down your unwanted expenses can be used to donate to food campaigns held in a local area.