Monday, October 18, 2021

What is a Therapy?

Therapy is a healing process from a thing that has been bothering you. It is a form of getting cured and healed. Therapy can be for both forms of physical and mental illnesses. For example, if your legs are getting cramps when you sit for longer durations at one particular place, the doctor will advise you on some sort of physical exercise and medicines that becomes the legs therapy.

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If you are having any unresolved emotional issues that are affecting your everyday life functioning like at your job or studies or relationships, then approaching a counselor and getting counseling therapy on regular basis will help you heal from the emotional pain. Therapy is prescribed only by practicing professionals in the medical field and it cannot be done by any common man without any prior experience or knowledge. So, please beware of those fraud sadhus and astrologers who may claim you to get rid of your problems by asking you to pay money and doing some wrong acts.

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Nowadays, people are going through travel therapy by posting throwback pictures from their travel diaries on different social media platforms. Most of us like to go out and explore new places, take selfies and pictures with family and friends as a break from mundane life. 

So, as this opportunity is completely stopped for the last two years due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are recollecting their beautiful travel moments by posting photographs and writing captions of how they enjoyed their life’s precious moments at a particular place with xyz people or alone. This helps them to heal their pain of not being able to travel outside like before and thus, this forms the basis of travel therapy.

Any sort of therapy is a success only if it is sincerely followed by you. If you are pessimistic and want to become an optimist then reading books won’t be enough until and unless you practice the same positive thinking habits in your life.

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