What are self-formed habits?

As per psychological experts, habits are formed when new behavioral patterns become automatic and don't have much conscious awareness. 
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Money, food, and praise are some of the positive reinforcements that make people form good habits and even get rid of bad habits. As per psychological experts, habits are formed when new behavioral patterns become automatic and don't have much conscious awareness. Some habits come out of the training of the subconscious mind that is done from childhood or early young age. For example, when a woman was born in the households of the 1930s, they were training subconsciously that they are tied to their home and their identity is naturally a homemaker. Be it any household chore, it is their responsibility to complete the same and no men of the home would be aiding her in the process.

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Thus, if you might have seen elderly women who are living in the 21st century, they would still hold the old and outdated beliefs of the 19th and 20th centuries where women were treated like slaves in traditional households. Women in those days didn't have the right to ask or even gain respect and thus, they were told to be just doing household chores and nothing else. Having a career or freedom to express themselves through any other art forms that will be monetarily or non-monetarily giving them recognition was not appreciated. Thus, such women are habituated to running abuse in their households even when their sons bring daughters-in-law to such houses. 

How do you utilize your subconscious mind to the fullest?

The above is an example of a self-formed habit that has been developed at the subconscious level and that doesn't change even if consciously they are aware that independent and democratic India has made women come up and lead better lives. Self-formed habits are easy to break only if a lot of practice and intervention are made.

For example, if you have fallen into the habit of drinking coffee or tea 5-6 times a day just because that's how you are habituated due to your company or family members, then it is easy to break the habit with conscious awareness and training to the mind. Whenever you get the impulse of drinking coffee or tea, you can serve yourself with a glass of water or some different sugar-less juices that are good for your health.

You will definitely be able to come out of the self-formed habits with constant practice and over a period of time. You need to keep reminding yourself why such habits are no longer useful in the present. You also need to keep rewarding yourself every time you break the old patterns of living. Overcoming bad habits is done only with consistency, persistence, determination, and willingness to change oneself. 

However, if you have good habits of praying, writing shlokas or mantras, or doing some artistic work, you need not get rid of them because they are in some way helping you to lead a holistic life. You can also teach your children to develop good habits with the help of encouraging them to follow them. For example, getting up early in the morning like when the sun rises is one of the best habits that today's generation is losing out on due to their hectic and busy lifestyles.