What is Workplace Inspiration?

What is Workplace Inspiration

Workplace motivation or inspiration is when an employee is happy with his work profile and work culture. If an employee is encouraged, they do their jobs well and also give their best. Workplace motivation is essential to get the right employees on board, retain their employees, and also improve the overall productivity of a company or business.

Employee motivation is the commitment level of employees that helps them to innovate and work with the company as its staff for a longer period of time. In order to sustain workplace motivation, many companies hire a specialized team so that they can keep their employees engaged and encouraged. Extrinsic motivation, intrinsic motivation, introjected motivation, and identified motivation are the four forms of motivation in the workplace.

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Extrinsic motivation is when external factors at the workplace are used to motivate the team to do what they want. Extrinsic motivators include salary raises, time off, flexibility to complete the work, bonus checks, and the threat of losing the jobs for employees (that can act as a motivational factor as well).

Some examples of workplace motivation include asking employees to give their opinions in making higher-level decisions, giving interesting projects for employees who want to explore those career paths, giving recognition to deserving employees, celebrating birthdays and work anniversaries of employees, giving them developmental resources so that they can improve their skills and be an asset to the organization.

Workplace motivation can also be in the form of monetary rewards or non-monetary rewards. For example, a company may ask the sales team to take an off for 4 days and enjoy their time on a cruise trip with their family or friends. This facility is made available only for sales employees who have achieved their monthly or quarterly targets. Thus, other employees will get motivated to complete their work on time and also inspire others to perform better.

Teamwork can be improved by aligning team goals based on the employees' strengths. For example, if the content team of an organization wants to start a new magazine for the company based on what they are good at writing, it can foster innovation and intrapreneurship among the team members. They will be interested to share their ideas to make the magazine sell well and make a brand value in the market.

The employees can be motivated if their manager leads with a vision. The employees should be made to understand the why behind every major decision that the company takes. For example, if there is a new department coming up in the company, then the employees should be communicated about the importance of the talent pool that the team will have. Employees can also be motivated to refer their friends to work in the new department and get jobs.

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Giving the team independence and creative freedom to make things work their way will help them to acquaint leadership skills. Every employee will feel accountable for their work and also help others in the team to perform better. Workplace motivation can be achieved by setting clear targets and providing impressive benefits if the targets are overachieved and completed before time.