What is Sacrificial Spirit?

Sacrificial spirit is anything that is related to do with sacrifice. Sacrificial spirit stands as one of the important components in the Indian ethos of management.
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Sacrificial spirit is anything that is related to do with sacrifice. Sacrificial spirit stands as one of the important components in the Indian ethos of management. One can have a sacrificial spirit and perform kind acts even in simple activities of daily life. For example, if you are on a crowded bus and you have got a seat but when you see an elderly person or someone who is very tired and not keeping well, you can get up from your seat and offer them to sit. This is indeed a sacrificial act as you are doing something for the benefit of others without considering your own comfort or benefits.

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Sacrificing is to give up something for a greater purpose in life than only thinking about the betterment of ourselves. For example, a mother gives up her comfort, wishes, and desires so that she can accommodate the needs of her family first. Sacrificial living allows people to become sacrificial givers. You can even take the example of Mother Teresa and any social worker who gives up their leisure time so that they can serve the elderly, disabled, and seriously ill people. 

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Another example can be that of a father who works overtime just so that he can fulfill the needs of his family. He gives up his hobbies and time to spend with his friends so that he can spend time with his kids and help them learn new things in life. Another example of sacrificial living is that of a soldier who sacrifices living with his family to serve the nation. Teachers are also good examples who sacrifice their ME time to give extra time for their weak students to learn and study well. Even married couples sacrifice their individual desires for each other's betterment and fulfilling marital and house responsibilities.

In the Indian management system, the sacrificial spirit is also one of the important factors for a successful business. For example, Indian businesses are encouraged to not just make profits but also share some percentage of their profits for the betterment of the community by doing charitable activities, keeping the future of employees secured by giving them the proper infrastructure to learn and grow, and also serve selflessly for the benefit of the society by coming up with sustainable and good products or services.

In one of the event interactions, Modi had stated how a teacher who ensures that his hundreds of young children become responsible citizens of the country often does not get appreciated or recognized for his hard work and efforts. Whereas on the other hand, a corporator may have not done much work but has got a road named after him. Modi said that it is the sacrificial spirit that actually makes a huge contribution to society's well-being. 

Modi even noticed how there were millions of people who make a contribution to society but do not want to be named or celebrated. He mentioned how the sacrificial spirit is a part of the basic thinking of the Indian society and people get satisfaction by doing their work namelessly because of their immense values.